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iPhone Apps For Kids Reviewed By A Kid



My kid has a new blog just for reviewing iPhone apps for kids: Ava Does Apps.

Bob Lefsetz Eviscerates Gene Simmons


Music industry analyst Bob Lefsetz takes a moment to efficiently dispense of not only Gene Simmons, but any cobwebs left of the music industry as it used to be… in theYouTube clip posted below from the recent Canadian Music Week.

Lefsetz, or Ugly Bobby as I like to call him, is my second fave media analyst, falling in right after the also rather annoying Jeff Jarvis. Lefsetz writes the astonishing blog, Lefsetz Letter. Subscribe. You will be annoyed, but rarely disappointed.

There are days when I cannot take Bobby’s relentless, sometimes 3x daily, streams of text-only rants about the state of every media industry on the planet. I’m just not up to it all… every single day. His posts are angry, they name names, they are slogging, rather unpoetic unattractiveness back to male adolescence.

Most of the time though, his posts possess a passion that simply astonishes me in its relentless verbosity, and can, like a cyclone crashing in under the radar, reduce me to tears with a crushing, inevitable humanity.

And yeah, life with someone like that gets simply exhausting, and it must be turned-off just to unload the fucking dishwasher. Else we get swept away too.

Needless to say, Bobby’s typing morphs nicely to the verbal, and he gives good panel. At Candadian Music Week, this past week, Ugly Bobby just shuts DOWN that disgusting hag of a shill, Gene Simmons of KISS. Enjoy the squirm!

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688/Metroplex Reunion Show Mix Preview


A special audio goodie just for Mostly Media readers… download a wicked mix of sounds from bands who once played the 688 Club and The Metroplex here. How many bands can you name?

Get those tee shirts, spikes and hairspray, and get ready to go… to Saturday’s 688/Metroplex Reunion Show at The Masquerade Music Park on North Ave. Atlanta, GA. Doors open at 6pm now. All info here. An interview with show presenters (and the clubs’ former owners) here. Parsley, sage, rosemary and good time yo ass off!

While listening, give it up for Mixmaster Mr. Tom Roche. On his blazin’ Avid.

UPDATE: The Stomp and Stammer cover story about the days of 688 infamy is out now – and here it is. Photos from reunion show now here.

688 Club/Metroplex Reunion Show 10-4-08

Steve May, Atlanta’s 688 Club owner and Paul Cornwell, Metroplex Club owner, talk about (click on above video) their upcoming 688/Metroplex reunion show at the Masquerade Music Park on October 4, 2008. Tons of bands that once played the infamous environs of those two punk/new wave clubs (both no longer with us) will be reuniting for this once-in-a-lifetime event.
Yes, it’s been a long time since the astonishing, groundbreaking 80’s Atlanta music scene, so it’s about time for a quickie flashback! Tickets are $25 in advance; $30 at the door. More information is at:
Song in video “Restless Youth” used with permission from the Swimming Pool Q’s.

I Remember Everything


Funk The ATL


Tired of that same ‘ole rap and rock? Try some fine southern funk soul then. Here are the details for our Atlanta funk master Chilton taking his new band out on the town Sunday night at Smith’s Olde Bar in midtown. Click-on video for Chilton on Good Day Atlanta.

This show is an early Sunday night show and it’s cheap!
Sunday, August 17th, 2008
Smith’s Olde Bar 8PM
1578 Piedmont Ave Atlanta GA 30309
Price: $5.00

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Too Beautiful To Look At


There really should be an award… for Most Ice-Romantic Cool Person Ever On The Planet. Paul Weller would take it all. (Since of course Jack Lord, RIP, has passed on from this place.)

The Man Cave


Photo slide show from the AJC of Atlanta DJ Brian McGreevy’s Man Cave here. Dude knows his music!

7 Songs I Like Right About Now


Because I got tagged by Sara… wow, I wish I could dash-off seven fabulous new songs I’ve been playing, but I’ve been so immersed in The Motherhood, politics, and writing about politics and media that I’ve failed to play much music lately. Hate when that happens. So I’ll take a stab by listing what I think are the last seven songs I played in my car…

1.) “Letter From America” – The Proclaimers

2.) “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby” – Counting Crows

3.) “Leaving New York” – R.E.M.

4.) “Gardening At Night” – R.E.M.

5.) “Work This Out” – High School Musical 2, Troy maybe?

6.) “Bridge To Terabithia” theme song – by BTF outta me

7.) “You’re The Storm” – The Cardigans

Michael Stipe Validates YOU, North Carolina


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Bluegrass Storm Tonight With Deja Blue!


Deja Blue plays TONIGHT, May 22, at the Red Light Cafe at 7pm. Details here. They’ll be celebrating the release of a new CD, Bucket Full of Rain. Lemme tell you, these guys can pick the fire outta some banjo and guitar. Add that fiddle playing… and wow.

To get you in the mood, have a listen and a look at some Nekkid Lady Muflaps fun & games here. Shhh… some of them are in Deja Blue too. Buy a CD tonight and I bet they’ll play Lights of Broadway on banjo for you too. (Or is it Nights On Broadway?)

A Weekend Morning Kinda Thang


One Fine Guitar Solo


Pal and former colleague, Chilton, sure knows his way around his guitar!

Like the B-52s? More Than Marge Brubaker?



High Up On The Summit Of A Life


NIck Lowe (solo acoustic) show at The Variety, Atlanta, GA. April 22, 2008. Precision + Soul = Mastery.

R.E.M. On CBS Sunday Morning


I’ll let my Twitter feed tell the tale:

I’m sorry… it’s painful having to watch Stipe work so hard to prove himself. He’s an artist. He shouldn’t have to do that.

Mike Mills interviewed one on one. I wonder, has that ever happened before?

Mills speaks! Mills speaks! Mills speaks!

Good concert footage shots in CBS SM package, but their geek reporters could strain the soul out of a fiery angel.

Trying not to snicker at the concept of Charles Osgood intro’ing R.E.M.

CBS Sunday Morning playing to the assisted living crowd with this hideous “Take Me Out To The Ballpark” song feature. Aggghhhhh

Gawd does Adam (Duritz on A&E) just exude bittersweet soul or what?

Just made a delicious breakfast smoothie. Fresh peaches are the key. Toasted bagel, cream cheese, lox and R.E.M. next. I know how to live.

Adam Duritz On Music In The Digital Era


Ditch the old music biz model. Now. It’s all hopelessly old-school. Adam Duritz of Counting Crows in an interview with iProng Magazine:

I just think the Web is the best thing that ever happened to music. There’s no way any invention that connects the entire world to each other for free can possibly be a bad thing. Too much communication has never been the problem in the world.

You can listen to the interview in its entirety here. Fucking brill, eh?! Counting Crows’ new album, Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings, is out today.

Jon Pareles Talks To Daniel Lanois at SXSW


InBox Magic


I hate it when, in the middle of yet another hectic, over-scheduled, urban frenzy, working mom kinda day, I don’t just blaze through the InBox, delete yet another Lefsetz Letter email I have subscribed to… but rather, for reasons entirely unknown, I start reading one and it begins to work that spell where I find myself, unconsciously, now seated in front of the screen, radio blasting in background, ignoring yelling kid and barking dog and ringing phone, pasta water boiling over on the stove while instead I wind my way down the thing, tuned-out to anything else but the rhythm of the copy, nodding my head, lost to those precious, still-blazing, few seconds in a time and a soundtrack and a memory of my own making some twenty years ago, and again, near tears by the end.

No, actually I love it.

Look Who Made the AthFest 2008 Compilation CD!



Caroline Monroe made the cut! Go Caroline go. Listen to the track on the compilation, Trailer Park Hall of Fame (co-written by her diddy Doug of course), here.