I Remember Everything


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  1. Where’s The Boto Teen, Rooster and the Red Tops, The Producers, Heathen Girls, The Swinging Richards, Guadalcanal Diary, Baby and the Pacifiers, RuPaul, The Hellhounds/Satellites…hell, what’s drivin’ ‘n cryin’ doing that night?

    (Great lineup, actually…just showing off my memory.)


  2. Yeah, I gotta say… the first reaction I had to the lineup was, “Where the heck is drivin’ n cryin’ in all this?” Like they got something better to do Oct. 4th?


  3. How ironic is it that these are EXACTLY the same bands that 99x didn’t play toward the end, which ultimately killed the station. In ’93, they regularly played new and upcoming bands, or oldies that you’d never caught the first time. In 2007, it was all standard stuff.

    Maybe if they’d been edgier, it would have worked for another decade.


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