R.E.M. On CBS Sunday Morning


I’ll let my Twitter feed tell the tale:

I’m sorry… it’s painful having to watch Stipe work so hard to prove himself. He’s an artist. He shouldn’t have to do that.

Mike Mills interviewed one on one. I wonder, has that ever happened before?

Mills speaks! Mills speaks! Mills speaks!

Good concert footage shots in CBS SM package, but their geek reporters could strain the soul out of a fiery angel.

Trying not to snicker at the concept of Charles Osgood intro’ing R.E.M.

CBS Sunday Morning playing to the assisted living crowd with this hideous “Take Me Out To The Ballpark” song feature. Aggghhhhh

Gawd does Adam (Duritz on A&E) just exude bittersweet soul or what?

Just made a delicious breakfast smoothie. Fresh peaches are the key. Toasted bagel, cream cheese, lox and R.E.M. next. I know how to live.

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