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7 Songs I Like Right About Now


Because I got tagged by Sara… wow, I wish I could dash-off seven fabulous new songs I’ve been playing, but I’ve been so immersed in The Motherhood, politics, and writing about politics and media that I’ve failed to play much music lately. Hate when that happens. So I’ll take a stab by listing what I think are the last seven songs I played in my car…

1.) “Letter From America” – The Proclaimers

2.) “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby” – Counting Crows

3.) “Leaving New York” – R.E.M.

4.) “Gardening At Night” – R.E.M.

5.) “Work This Out” – High School Musical 2, Troy maybe?

6.) “Bridge To Terabithia” theme song – by BTF outta me

7.) “You’re The Storm” – The Cardigans