Bob Lefsetz Eviscerates Gene Simmons


Music industry analyst Bob Lefsetz takes a moment to efficiently dispense of not only Gene Simmons, but any cobwebs left of the music industry as it used to be… in theYouTube clip posted below from the recent Canadian Music Week.

Lefsetz, or Ugly Bobby as I like to call him, is my second fave media analyst, falling in right after the also rather annoying Jeff Jarvis. Lefsetz writes the astonishing blog, Lefsetz Letter. Subscribe. You will be annoyed, but rarely disappointed.

There are days when I cannot take Bobby’s relentless, sometimes 3x daily, streams of text-only rants about the state of every media industry on the planet. I’m just not up to it all… every single day. His posts are angry, they name names, they are slogging, rather unpoetic unattractiveness back to male adolescence.

Most of the time though, his posts possess a passion that simply astonishes me in its relentless verbosity, and can, like a cyclone crashing in under the radar, reduce me to tears with a crushing, inevitable humanity.

And yeah, life with someone like that gets simply exhausting, and it must be turned-off just to unload the fucking dishwasher. Else we get swept away too.

Needless to say, Bobby’s typing morphs nicely to the verbal, and he gives good panel. At Candadian Music Week, this past week, Ugly Bobby just shuts DOWN that disgusting hag of a shill, Gene Simmons of KISS. Enjoy the squirm!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. You must have been watching a different discussion than I did. Look, Lefsetz has the better of the message by far (in other words, he’s right…mostly), but as a *messenger*, he’s horrendous.

    He ought to leave the debating to someone else, someone who can actually *deliver* the necessary arguments in a compelling way. He was awful, and every bit as, if not more adolescent in demeanor than Gene, and that takes some doing. Poorly executed by him.


  2. Meh. I got tired of his endless rants. He is sometimes to self-absorbed about his perceptions, and he has to comment on every little thing.
    I just unsubscribed. He takes up too much of my precious time.


  3. SHIT!!! I spelled “too” wrong wrong wrong.
    I hate when that happens!!!
    I hope Bob doesn’t get me for that.


  4. It’s ok, lil ol. All is forgiven. Like Gawker, sometimes Lefsetz just plain wears me out with his waterboarding technique of endless text-based ranting too. But then I’ll take a break from deleting his posts (I subscribe via email) from my InBox and stop and read one and it can be so righteous that I almost wanna cry. Almost.


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