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Jon Pareles Talks To Daniel Lanois at SXSW


What To Do With SXSW Shwag


What Happens When MSM Steps Off The Plantation


So now the whole purpose of going to SXSW is to make some lowly MSM reporter look like an idiot? I wish the rather rude people in this audience would target their juvenile energies to higher-up MSM than merely towards the easy, low-lying fruit that is (former) BusyWeek’s babbling Ms. Lacy. 

More here. Live blogged post is here. Ms. Lacy’s personal post-event interview video here.

Even more here, with the best headline yet: Zuckerberg Keynote Descends Into Chaos As Audience Takes Over.

Gag Me With Your SXSW Experience


It’s barely started, but if you’re as sick of SXSW as the rest of the people who aren’t there, help yourself to a fake SXSW Twitter stream from Mat. Hahahahahahahahah!

Most Miserable Day Of The Year


Yep, it’s today, when all the hippest people on the planet converge in Austin, TX for SXSW… and you’re left at home in the icky ATL to unload the dishwasher. Again. Sob.

That dreaded left out of the cool kids club” feeling is so universal that New Yorkers not going to SXSW have organized NONE: North Northeast, the I’m not going to SXSW party on Facebook. Now that’s the spirit!

We in Atlanta now have SOME, same time, same day as our NYC compadres. For you Facebook users, of course.