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Wikipedia Needs Women!


A mere 13% of the entries within the invaluable, online, open encyclopedia Wikipedia are written by women. This needs to change! I urge all women business owners to get in there and get an entry about themselves/their company on Wikipedia. If you need someone to write it for you, contact me. Now. Let’s change this critical, interactive, participatory, FREE and very important dynamic.

From the NYT:

Everyone brings their crumb of information to the table,” she said. “If they are not at the table, we don’t benefit from their crumb.

The WaySouth Media, Inc. Site


Yes, it’s about time I finally built-out the website for WaySouth Media, Inc. And here it is, a genuine work in progress. So I’d like your feedback as we all move forward. Thank you for your time and patience in this media matter.

I Have A WaySouth Media, Inc. Online Dream


I’ve had my own incorporated co for at least two years now. And the bank accounts, tax issues, headaches, small business owner dreams, etc. to go along with it. Yet I have sadly neglected my I-Priestess duties by failing to have the company’s web site built-out. So much for any SEO strategy.

While being a chronic blogger for years (it’s just that techno-simple), ever since the pre-blog,  dial-up days of f-ing, for days on end, with my first site, WaySouth.com (I and WaySouth-anything are forever indebted to you, @francesk, but that’s a whole other story), I just hate messing with websites, Dreamweaver, website navigation, and web site copy. Even if you hire someone to do it all for you, you still have to give ’em what they need to build the damn things.

But recently, with a mindful eye to a fully tricked-out site as a goal, I did get BlueDaisy Graphics of Metro Atlanta to do logo designs. Lemme know what you think:


2008 – The Year In CJ Videos


Wow. What a year it’s been! 2008 was one for the ages. And one whereby I got out the camera and the Windows Movie Maker and became a hardworking citizen v-journalist… or whatever you care to call it. Here are some of my video highlights for 2008. In no particular order:

1.) Coming in with the most views, over 32K on YouTube alone, is Tornado Rips Downtown Atlanta. My queendom for a bat-light with that one. But people still clicked-on. I have since picked-up a light at an Abracadabra Video yard sale for about $20.

2.) The video quality came out poor in this one. The  usual compression  issues I struggle with. But I have since decided that Vimeo’s quality is so much better that I will use that sharing site from here on out, rather than YouTube. Still, Obama SC Volunteers remains a fave for 2008 as  even though Obama didn’t win SC, it captured the essence of the Obama win overall. Eyes on the prize. Eyes on the prize.

3.) By far THE best, most informative conference I’ve been to in the new media realm was the heavy hitter-ridden 1st Computation & Journalism Symposium at Georgia Tech. An interview from that with Michael Skoler, Executive Director, Center For Innovation In Journalism, American Public Media is here.

4.) Although it didn’t come to be for Georgia, Obama’s Phantom Swing State turned out well and made a nice HuffPost’s Off The Bus offering.

5.) The feel-good All Saints’ Episcopal Church Habitat build video was fun to shoot, and is now featured nicely on the All Saints’ website.

6.) Brrrrrr… this one done for Insider Advantage (a client) makes me cold because it was so freakin’ cold that King Day outside of Ebenezer Baptist Church on Auburn Avenue during a Presidential election year. It makes me laugh though. Poor FP Bill. His meds were way off that day. Heck, Bill’s meds were needing adjustment all year long!

7.) I think my personal, all-time favorite moment captured on tape in 2008 was the infectious laugh of an unsuspecting Bernita Smith. Bernita battled not only Republicans all year long, but a wicked-ugly diagnosis of breast cancer too. Bernita is the face, the laugh, of one tough fuck-you-to-cancer Georgia peach.

Thanks for clicking-on throughout 2008. May our 2009 be half as interesting and exciting as 2008!

688 Club/Metroplex Reunion Show 10-4-08

Steve May, Atlanta’s 688 Club owner and Paul Cornwell, Metroplex Club owner, talk about (click on above video) their upcoming 688/Metroplex reunion show at the Masquerade Music Park on October 4, 2008. Tons of bands that once played the infamous environs of those two punk/new wave clubs (both no longer with us) will be reuniting for this once-in-a-lifetime event.
Yes, it’s been a long time since the astonishing, groundbreaking 80’s Atlanta music scene, so it’s about time for a quickie flashback! Tickets are $25 in advance; $30 at the door. More information is at: www.atlantamusicmuseum.com
Song in video “Restless Youth” used with permission from the Swimming Pool Q’s.