Get On Board The GPB Programming Theft Train!



In a rigid environment stripped of anything remotely representing a “two way street,” GPB’s Bill Nigut babbled non-freely away recently (Thursday, July 3, 2014) to AJC’s Rodney Ho about not one but two upcoming WRAS shows he’s stolen carved-out for himself. One being called, snort, “Two Way Street.”

Given that no one’s the least bit interested in organic Nigut dung radio product, but rather far more interested in the outrageous public relations heap GPB’s laid in the wake of their mindless decision to raid WRAS, Ho dutifully attempted to steer his Nigut chat time toward media issues people actually want to hear about. Only to be shut-down by a free speech wrangler named Mandy. From Ho’s Radio & TV Talk blog:

When I mentioned that some WRAS fans are making him the bogeyman, he shrugged. “As a guy who covers politics,” Nigut said, “I know people decide to assign a motive and give you an agenda. It has nothing to do with reality or who you are.” Twice while I was on this subject, GPB spokeswoman Mandy Wilson interrupted me to say, “We’re here to talk about Bill’s radio shows.” I wasn’t expecting Nigut to saying anything except positive things about the deal and he didn’t appear to mind talking about the deal. But with a publicist in the room clearly uncomfortable with me probing that subject, I backed off.

Because what Atlanta really wants is to consume news from news farms where the news product is locally-sourced by obstructionist publicists named “Mandy.”

But wait! There’s more! More Bill Nigut in our futures! Of course Bill Nigut just had to have another politics show all for himself, in the way a toddler hoards all the red and green trucks, now that he’s playing with his stolen programming booty there at GPB.

All Nigut really cares about is politics. So he got him one of those shows too. What’s the tally now? Keep up, kiddies. One TV politics show, one radio politics show, and one general babble radio show, via the great GPB-steals-WRAS boondoggle. For a total of three Nigut-programmed original programming offerings.

All that chatter in his swiftly-ridiculed blog post about loving the arts so, caring for our great city, and other assorted civic, chest-swelling faux prideful blahblahblah? No one believes a word of that. Oh no, because it’s politics where Nigut can bellow and bluster the loudest. Pretend to be a bigtime playah out making it on the gov scene yet again. The likes of which will surely rival, say, Dick Williams on the Georgia Gang.

Heck, if Nigut could get away with wearing a purple pimp’s fedora and boa on the public airwaves he surely would. Pull up in a Caddy at the Gold Dome. Because nothing could throw back to 1970’s-style programming in the ATL better than having THREE FUCKING BILL NIGUT SHOWS ON THE AIRWAVES ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

And least you think Atlanta’s biggest media playah of all, The Cox Plantation, be left out of Teya Ryan’s state media coup, have no fear, kiddies. Seems AJC management has been in on those new GPB tricks from the get-go, as they plan to insert their political product, Jim Galloway (maybe Greg Bluestein?), into Nigut’s political tent revival act. From Ho’s Radio & TV Talk blog:

Starting Friday, July 11, Nigut will also host a live political weekly round-table show at 3 p.m. called “Political Rewind” with a panel of guests, which may include AJC political writer and blogger Jim Galloway. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is scheduled to appear on the first episode.

Yeah! Why not let the little people taxpayers pay for one’s privately-held products’ marketing and promotions?! More money for Anne Cox Chambers’ fleet of family-owned Gulfstreams that way. Every little bit helps when one’s pals at state-owned media are stealing so well from the community already.

All aboard the Great GPB Media Snooker Train.


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