“Wall Street Got Drunk” Slurs W


That W sure is a funny guy in a financial crisis! Here’s video (from unknown sources) of him yapping about how “Wall Street got drunk” at a recent, pricey Houston fundraiser July 18th.

If Wall Street was so wasted, makes you wonder who was throwing the party, eh? And to think this clown wanted to hand ‘em Social Security too.

Now I wanna know what Bush was babbling on about, no doubt as incoherently as he did in Houston, at his yesterday, pricey Atlanta fundraiser. Anyone rolling with their wee little cams there in Buckhead yesterday? (And on the 8th day, God gave us YouTube…)

Make watching the little mystery-source vid clip a drinking game: chug when you see the glassy-eyed sycophants standing off to the side. Talk about too hungover to do anything but smile and nod.

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  1. Counting the days, counting the days, until this bozo is out and back in Texas, wondering why nobody wants to go to his liberry. Know what’s sad? So many people, knowing his empty-headedness, voted for the guy, and many who don’t anymore are still willing to accept a hellishly-grinning semi-clone ’cause they’re not through totally screwing up the country yet. Gimme my country back, the one that used to be a beacon of light instead of an effing blowtorch. Is that asking too much?


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