688/Metroplex Reunion Show – A Joyful Sound


The joyful noise of zeal and laughter rang through the huge brick halls of the Masquerade all night long, “Oh my God… do you remember?!” Amazing what a bunch of music party freaks can recall. The 688/Metroplex reunion show was a sweet, strong vibe of old friends meeting-up and catching-up. Smiles and hugs and kisses all around. I saw people smiling whom I’d never seen smile. Ever. Many had come in from out of town. Many looked exactly the same. Some I didn’t want to ever see again. But I did.

Sitting at the bar looking at a moving array of dozens of the same ‘ole faces from back in the day, it was as if the 20-plus years since 688 closed the door for the last time had simply never happened at all. And maybe we just caught the backend of our lives from 1986 and wrapped it back into this one. Strange indeed. Was all a little magical. Was all a little weird. Was all a little bittersweet.

Slide show is here.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I was there and it was great! It was also a reunion for some old WRAS DJs. Maybe there were more but I saw 5 of us. Mark Williams, of course, was the house DJ like the old days. Mark was the Music Director at 88.5 and host of Pure Mania. Abby Hoffman and her husband Micheal attended. Michael hosted the Georgia Music Show and Abby hosted a show as well. I saw Brian McGreevy, another DJ from 1981. I did Nostalgia Rock, the oldies show and Chris Wood would just about call me every week. He wanted to hear ‘LIL GTO” I remember going to 688 while it was under construction and they were building the bar. Someone said it was smaller than they thought and where was everyone going to sit. I jokingly said , “build some bleachers.” and when it opened there were bleachers?!? I would like to think I planted the seed but it makees for a good story anyway.


  2. Saturday night was a small reunion for a few WRAS DJs as well. We all know Mark Williams who was the 688 house DJ and Music Director at 88.5 as well as host of the Pure Mania. Abby Hoffman and her husband Michael were there. Both were DJs at 88 and Michael hosted the Georgia Music show. Brian McGreevy was a DJ from the early 80s as well. I was on the air as Dangerous Dan and I did a few other shows at WRAS. People remember me as one of the hosts of Nostalgia Rock. Chris Wood, of the Restraints, would call me every week to play, not request, Lil GTO by Ronnie and the Daytonas  I would always play it for him. I didn’t think anyone would remember me but I ran into quite a few that did Saturday night. I hope it isn’t another 20 years before we do it again. Long live 688!


  3. It was a great night. I heard some of my favorite old songs that have kept my foot tapping for two days. Being young at heart is the key to long life.


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