Today’s Georgia Gang Shop of Strange Hairdo’s


The thing I hate about commentary and TV (as opposed to commentary and radio) is that the visual is often ridiculously distracting. Imagine, for instance, if you had to LOOK at Neal Boortz while listening too. There simply would be no show. Tucker Carlson’s visual silliness comes to mind too.

Taking the cake today for visual distraction, or maybe wearing the cake on her head, was Alexis Scott. I wish I’d Tivo’d the show so I had a screen shot here for your esquiring and enquiring minds. (Hint, hint: If anyone did bother to Tivo Georgia Gang for Sunday August 17, 2008, please send appropriate file to Mostly Media.)

Scott’s tightly-curled strawberry platinum-yet-kinda-blond confection of a bombshell placed atop her otherwise lovely head made my kid holler, “Why do you watch that old-people show? Those people need hair cuts.”

The closet demo of Ms. Scott’s lemon meringue pie-do I can come up with is this:

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