Is It Really A Surprise?


McCain doesn’t know the price of a gallon of gas. Ahhhh those mavericks. I’m sure he used to know the price of gas. Used to drive his own car. But he’s now living totally detached from the people he wishes to govern.

It happens to ’em all though. I hear Obama’s people are keeping him away from the roving, snarly press packs. (Meaning they will allow press access only to a favored few.) Bad things always happen to leaders when they become isolated and removed from America. Cases in point, Bush’s NOLA/Katrina fly-over (a Rove decision no doubt). The “You’re doing a heck of a job, Brownie” moment. Pity really.

While I fully understand the needs of candidate high security in this terrorist-laden world of ours, if McCain could just access the Internet, he could find out in one or two clicks what the price of gas is in whatever town he’s in. Avoid those out-of-touch answers to softball questions, that line of simplistic questioning that can tank a candidate in the media. Too bad he can’t operate a computer.

NOTE: I addressed this whole Leaders-Who-Can’t-Operate-A-Computer media/PR issue right after Katrina in September of 2005 on the Spacey Gracey Review. And it’s gonna keep biting candidates in the ass until they walk into a local Starbucks (frenzied press pack in tow), order a latte, sit down, fire-up a laptop, and start blogging. At least just power-up their personal laptop and click-on something! Anything. That one photo op along would signal to a very in-touch voter-base… “I’m connected too. I’m in touch too. Just like you.”

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