Pity. I Alway Liked Cokie Roberts.


Another one bites the dust. Don’tcha just hate it when your news idols get toppled? I’ve always liked Cokie Roberts’ political commentary. Since I was a teenager practically, as she’s been around giving political commentary that long I think. Hell, she was one of the very women in political media whom I admired so much that such admiration and respect helped set me on a road, long long ago, of seeking my own media fortune. (Still seeking, needless to say.)

But now, Cokie sounds like just another bloviating, near-idiot DC pundit on TV. She actually makes (see video) a statement that Hawaii, vacation capitol of America, was too “foreign and exotic” for Obama to have vacationed in. That he needed to go to… Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! WTF?

Like Cokie would ever step foot in that place. No one deserves to have to go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The only person who should ever be forced into hell/Myrtle Beach is Sas Gordon-Walker. Her latest Myrtle Beach-accounting-for is here.

Just how Wal-Mart-stupid does Cokie think we are out here? I went to Myrtle Beach once. Once. Ok, twice maybe. Never again.

Although, come to think of it, the thought of Obama and Michelle shaggin’ on The Strand does make me giggle. Talk about your “foreign and exotic!”

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