If It’s Opinion You’re Wanting…


Not only has “regular” CNN outpaced Fox News in primetime numbers for the first time in six years lately, little sis Headline News is bopping to the top too. From Cox Plantation News Service’s David Ho:

In February 2005, Jautz, CNN Worldwide’s executive vice president, began overhauling CNN’s sister network (Headline News), injecting prime time with loud opinion shows. First came legal talker Nancy Grace and then conservative radio host Glenn Beck.

Three years later, the network is celebrating its makeover anniversary with bigger audiences, even as its hosts continue to rile critics and stir questions about the boundaries between opinion and news.

“It was a huge experiment and it was hugely successful,” Jautz said in an interview. He said Headline News has 81 percent more viewers between 7 p.m. and midnight than it did before the format change, which also includes “Showbiz Tonight.”

Full story here.

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