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Top Three Demands For What Websites Should Do. Easily.


I’m at the Atlanta Business of WordPress Conference.  Twitter hashtag is: #thebizofwp. Francine Hardaway, neat lady, is the keynoter. She says the Top Three Things People Want From Their Business Website are these:

  1. Content Management. “I want to get into my site easily and change it!”
  2. “I want people/customers to get to my site from Facebook.”
  3. “I want mobile access for my site.”
There you have it. And WordPress sites can do all the above. Easily. So you can too.

WordPress IPhone App Test Post


I am posting this entry from my iPhone. Pretty cool, eh? Must now figure out how to add a picture and/or video.

Just figured out how to add a photo from the phone. No video though – the iPhone’s great, uh, hinderance. For a video person at least. Have a perfect creme brulee kinda day! Tap, tap.