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Saxby Chambliss Says OMG! “The Other Folks Are Voting.”


Why the nerve of all those droves of African-American early voters in Georgia! (Funny, the 2hrs 21min I spent in line in downtown Atlanta looked remarkably diverse, but try telling that to someone who’s never left, say, their N. Georgia dirt farm. And I’m divergin’…)

Running scared due to a tight race that must have materialized while Peach State Republicans were distracted on the (Reynolds) plantation with tee times (see post below), Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss feels that with so many “other folk” out there casting ballots early, then presumably his folk (hint: the Cracker’cans of rural Georgia) will be more inclined to get out there on Nov. 4th.

It’s amazing how badly some “folk” do under pressure, eh? Making me wonder what Saxby’s handicap really must be.

From Politico:

The Republican (Chambliss) is outwardly confident, but there’s urgency in his voice as he tours North Georgia, trying to boost turnout in his predominately white base: “The other folks are voting,” he bluntly tells supporters.

Full mess here.

Junior, I think this here mule is dead. You done beat it too much. How we’z gonna get to the pollin’ place now?

Obama (Not) In Georgia = FAIL


Towery thinks Obama could have reached down in the gutter that is Atlanta local TV and easily fished-up the red-dirt crown of Georgia and placed it in his electoral basket of goodies.

Like great great-aunt Betty Wesley’s rather ugly pieces of tarnished bauble that somehow end-up in your possession, I’d not want to actually place the thing on my head, but I diverge…

From Southern Political Report, IA, etc.:

October 28, 2008 — New numbers today from InsiderAdvantage / Poll Position in the presidential and U.S. Senate races in Georgia. The polls were conducted last night among 637 registered, likely voters and have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.8 percent.

McCain, 48%
Obama, 47%
Barr, 1%
Other, 1%
Undecidced, 3&\%

U.S. Senate
Chambliss, 46%
Martin, 44%
Other, 2%
Undecided, 8%

InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery: “This tells me in all likelihood that if the trend in the Senate race stays as it is, Chambliss barely misses and will be in a general election runoff with Martin.

“Obama’s failure to be on TV in the Atlanta market is causing him to lose some of the white vote and it is softening the support for Martin. Martin is up a point and Chambliss is up a point (in the latest poll) but Martin had had more momentum. It’s not going to get him over the top.”

“Ironically, Obama had a better shot of winning Georgia than North Carolina or Florida but he’s letting it slip away.”

Latest Georgia presidential and Senate race poll results here.

The 22 to 25% Survey: Will Younger Voters Really Turn Out In November?


Heck, I have no idea! I never bothered to vote until I was in my late 20’s. Towery, and he’s just the kinda guy who’s voted in every election since he was 5, thinks that, by having polled the parents of these “new young voters,” that there could be a 22-25% increase of younger voters actually showing-up at the polls in November of this year. Thus the title… “The 22-25% Survey.” All that kind of analysis here.

Of course you can’t poll all those boring “nice young people” who may or may not vote in November as they’re all totally, like, all over the place on their cell phones. So go after their totally uphip parents; the ones left with land lines that is.

Old Media, New Media, And The Vote Today


I awoke to a message in my Inbox urging me to go to the polls (in Georgia) today. The email contained a handy link, which I clicked-on, to Georgia’s Secretary of State’s Poll Locater tool, just in case I needed not only a reminder, but also directions on where exactly to go vote today.

Funny thing is though, this useful and very timely email blast didn’t come from any local or state office or campaign. Rather, it came from the Obama campaign. (With, of course, an option to donate to the Obama campaign while I was busy preparing to go vote in Georgia today.)

In other forms of political-minded communications about voting today, I got a constant stream of same-ole same ole, processed-sounding pre-recorded messages last night, tailored for answering machines not humans, from various campaigns around my district and state – to my cell phone number. Somebody’s been selling cell phone numbers to local campaigns. (And the numerous folk running for Sheriff of Fulton County sure are buying ‘em too.)

I’ll find out later who’s behind that highly annoying campaign technique, as after hearing Dale Cardwell’s signature squeeky voice on one message alone, I immediately hung-up on all these type of calls. They were universally phoney-sounding and utterly uninspiring, just deletable pre-recorded junk voice mail.

In traditional media buys, I saw Jim Martin and Dale Cardwell and Vernon Jones and others on forgettable, expensive ads on local TV news, signaling me it was time to get up and load the dishwasher. In earned media, Fox 5-WAGA had a nice wrap-around package at 10pm on 4 out of 5 of the U.S. Senate Dems’ day of street-level campaigning, with video from each’s face-to-face, hand-shake from the side walk, mostly in the Midtown Atlanta area. Heck, if I wasn’t so lazy, I could have watched ‘em all live and not just viewed ‘em waving to honking cars on TV.

When it comes down to it though, the only campaign communications I’ve paid the slightest bit of attention to were ones coming from my PERSONAL, PRE-SELECTED, SELF-CONTROLLED SOCIAL NETWORK, Facebook in this case: one from U.S. Senate candidate Rand Knight’s campaign, inviting me to a primary returns party tonight, conveniently located just a block from my house. And a personal Facebook message from another U.S. Senate candidate, Josh Lanier.

I’ll be interested to see if Knight’s youthiness and outreach during his campaign with social media tools, such as Facebook, will inspire a younger demo to the polls today. If Knight ends-up in a runoff, it will be because of his ability to leverage social media tools… not because of anything related to traditional media. Although I must say his traditional signage efforts have been good, least around the Buckhead/Midtown area.

But I no longer put much faith in anything “traditional” with the political process nowadays. I want it only where I have asked it to be: texted to my iPhone, on my Facebook, in my Inbox.

Thanks Obama! And now I’ll go vote, at the place you conveniently reminded me about.

Register To Vote In Primary By June 16


A reminder from the Secretary of State that you must be registered to vote by Monday, June 16th to vote in Georgia’s July 15th General Primary. From SOS media relations person:

You can download and complete a voter registration application by visiting the 2008 Elections Center on the Secretary of State’s website: http://www.sos.ga.gov/elections/ElectionCenter08.htm.

You can also contact your local county registrars’ office, public library, public assistance office, recruitment office, schools and other government offices for a mail-in registration form. Voter registration is offered when renewing or applying for a driver’s license at any Georgia Department of Driver Services office. College students can obtain Georgia voter registration forms from their school registrar’s office or from the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Remember, you must have a photo ID to vote. Visit the SOS website for more information. Or call a lawyer for the Democratic Party of Georgia.