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Republican Party In Georgia Counting On Blacks To Frankly Not Give A Damn


blackmisUnless you’re living under a rock, or watching only all the negative campaign ads that don’t present any info about when the Georgia US Senate race runoff election really is (Dec. 2), there is a runoff election on December 2nd, a Tuesday. All day. In December. See your precinct. Between Republican incumbent Senator Saxby Chambliss and Democrat Jim Martin.

The main strategy behind this absolutely critical runoff election seems to be chiefly that black Dems won’t bother to return to the polls on Dec. 2 for the white guy Martin. Says Tom Baxter today in Southern Political Report:

Just as he did when he was the president-elect in 1992 and former Sen. Wyche Fowler was the Democrat in a runoff, (Former President Bill) Clinton came to Georgia Wednesday to campaign for Jim Martin in his race against US Sen. Saxby Chambliss.

Martin has an uphill fight in this runoff, with African-American Democrats unlikely to return in numbers rivaling election day and Republicans eager to get over Nov. 4.

Full article here. More on the utterly patronizing tone in this matter is on display in this randomly-generated blog post from a brother:

The good news, for Saxby, is that you have to light a really big fire underneath a Democrat to get a Democrat to actually exercise enough personal responsibility to go vote in a run off election.  And I don’t think Bill Clinton has enough matches to light that kind of fire.  lol

Remember folks, the Obama victory supposedly showed us that a highly-informed electorate no longer pays much attention to the drively, whiny, obsolete, pricey, ad-buys on Big TV anymore. They pay attention to the community and the networks to which they are now deeply e-connected.

What I wonder is what black Georgia voters really think about Republicans and pundits and pollsters being oh-so-hip to their their current electoral habits and feelings, especially since Georgia Republicans couldn’t see a new political “habit” or trend or tea leaf brewing if one came flaming out of their cell phones and bitch-slapped ’em sideways into Sundays.

Take the survey and tell the world what you do plan to do come December 2. Write-ins are welcome. Even encouraged:

Yankees In Georgia?!! How Did They Ever Get In?!



From Palmetto Scoop:

So perhaps now is as good a time as any to lend our expertise to our neighbors in Georgia, who The Palmetto Scoop has learned will be receiving a massive influx of Buckeyes over the next few weeks. That’s because president-elect Barack Obama has reportedly dispatched all of his Ohio staffers to the Peach State to help Democrat Jim Martin knock off incumbent GOP Sen. Saxby Chambliss.

“We’re setting up our entire field team again,” said one emboldened Obama staffer in Ohio. “I’m coming to Georgia and bringing several hundred of my friends with me.”

More here.

How Bad IS Georgia Senator Chambliss’ Golf Addiction?


Why it’s so strong and deep even W made cracks about it! From The White House, June 20, 2003:

Remarks by the President at Bush-Cheney 2004 Reception
Ritz Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation
Greensboro, Georgia

6:33 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all very much. Thanks a lot for coming out tonight. So I’m walking up on the stage, and Saxby says, if you keep it short, we might be able to get a round of golf in. (Laughter.)

Full WH memo here. Presidents-on-the-links sure do help fill campaign treasure chests, eh? And sure sells those “plantation” lots too!

Let’s put this post in the Would Have Been A Good Plantation If They’d Had Dick Cheney To Shoot ‘Em Every Day catagory. Or the Tacky-Ass Developers one.



Today’s funny courtesy of FireSaxbyChambliss.com:

Live Blogging Tonight’s Senate Race Dems Runoff Debate


Most excellent reporter/blogger from OnlineAthens, Blake Aued, will be live-blogging the U.S. Senate Dems runoff debate tonight at 7pm here. Aued promises snark with his blogging sandwich. I am there.