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The Unity Express Departs Atlanta


A herd of Atlanta Clinton delegates headed out of town Sunday August 17 via the Manuel’s parking lot in their rental RV. Destination = Denver, CO for the Democratic National Convention which begins August 25, in case you’ve been living in a cell and not heard that yet.

Fox5/WAGA’s Deidra Dukes has the video story here. (WaySouth Media cameras were there too; however, they got lost on the way home and have yet to report back to the newsroom. Maybe by Friday we’re hoping.) Also in media-attendance was Georgia’s MTV Street Team reporter, Shelby Highsmith.

You can keep up with the road-trippers all the while en route to Denver at their blog where they’ll be Twittering, BrightKite mapping, blogging, and streaming live vid: http://hillaryrapidexpress.com.

The Unity Express Departs Manuel’s Parking Lot For Denver – Like Real Soon!!!


Come wave the gang off on their journey to Denver for the Democratic National Convention. Sunday the 17th at 11am-12pm. TODAY!!!! Soon!!! More info here.