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Arianna Huffington – Lone Tim Russert Hater


Well, not really. You’ll find loads of Tim Russert bashing at the always-vile DailyKos, a hideous blog I wouldn’t even deign to link to. (Well, maybe once.) But Arianna The Great (“Opportunist”) had a very public feud going with Russert for a while now. Wonder who she’ll turn her ammo on now that he’s dead? From NY Daily News:

Huffington said her swipes (at Russert) provoked NBC and MSNBC to ban her from the air, just as she was promoting a book.

Russert and his wife, Maureen Orth, said Huffington was the one with a vendetta. They contended that her spleen was payback for a 1994 Vanity Fair exposé Orth did on her former husband, Michael Huffington. Orth also claimed in a 2004 speech that Huffington was “the most ruthless, opportunistic person I’ve ever encountered.” As evidence, she pointed to Republican political consultant Ed Rollins‘ memoir, in which he claimed Huffington hired a detective to snoop on Orth.

Full post here. Fer chrissake… all these pointless people we can’t stop reading and posting about live in such elitist media castles I am hatin’ on ’em all about right now. Ed Rollins? He practically oozes oily sleeze right through the Big TV every night on CNN. And if I was going to hire a PI to snoop on someone, it sure wouldn’t be Tim Russert’s boring wife.

Yep, having a bit of a sour grapes kinda day ’round the WaySouth Media Plantation here.