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Putting The Techno Zing In Your Patriot Act!


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Exactly how was Spitzer caught? It had something to do with what’s called a PEP List, or the or the Politically Exposed Persons list.You’ll have to listen to the whole Morning Edition/NPR story to get to the serious bank transaction monitoring goodies, but be on the lookout for the part where the person from the bank talks about how politicians in particular, of any flavor, are flagged for extra-special surveillance with the PEP List.

You can see a screen-shot sample PEP List here. Or call and order your own at: 877-922-5757. Literally hundred of thousands of “politically exposed persons” to choose from! Call now. Operators are standing by! You could very well be one! And your family too! One PEP product from Choice Point gets you all this and more. From the Choice Point website:

IntegraScreen PEP provides detailed, up-to-date information on PEPs and their families, friends and close associates. With hundreds of thousands of PEP entities from more than 3,000 sources, this seamless service will help you more quickly and easily identify politically high-risk individuals and associated entities that may be hiding in your current and prospective customer base.

And you think all banking transactions under 10K are simply ignored? Hahahahahahahah. It’s all part of Your Patriot Act!

Any more questions? Just ask Atlanta’s Choice Point. They make the seriously big bucks off of Your Patriot Act.

Spitzer’s Escort Outed By NYT


They’ll be hollerin’ to shut-down MySpace now. From the NYT today:

On her MySpace page, Ms. Dupre writes of her “odyssey to New York from New Jersey through North Carolina, Miami, D.C., Virginia and Austin, Texas;” public records show that she lived in Belmar, N.J., in 2001, and in North Carolina in 2003. She owns a company, created in 2005, called Pasche New York, which her lawyer said was an entertainment business designed to further her singing career.

Music is her first love, and on the MySpace page, Ms. Dupre mentions Patsy Cline, Frank Sinatra, Christina Aguilera and Lauryn Hill among a long list of influences, including her brother, Kyle. (She also lists Madonna, Mary J. Blige and Amy Winehouse as her top MySpace friends.) In the interview, she said she saw the Rolling Stones perform at Radio City Music Hall on their last tour after a friend gave her two of tickets. “They were amazing,” she said.

Full story here. The NYTimes sure is outpacing the Enquirer lately!

Smells Like Idiot MSM Show Booker Spirit


Audacia Ray tells some MSM show, politely, that she wouldn’t be on their stupid crappy show to talk about how to hire sex workers even if they paid her.

Honestly, I don’t know about the “payment” stuff; I made that up, but Ms. Ray does lay-out what went down on March 10th with her, hopefully brief, pre-interview (guest vetting process) with the never-heard-of-it  MSNBC show, Live With Dan Abrams.

It’s all on her blog, Waking Vixen the dubious tale of how someone from the whatever MSNBC show asked her during the pre-interview process, “Have you been a whore?”

MSNBC was only interested in having a woman who had been a prostitute talk about the mechanics of hiring a sex worker – a little salacious how-to on national television, gotta love it. They told me flat out that they weren’t interested in discussing the political interests of sex workers or the issues around sex trafficking as it is today. And while I am not ashamed that I was a sex worker, and I know sound bites are short and cannot be anywhere near as complicated as my shit it, I don’t want to be MSNBC’s whore on television. It does nothing for me personally and nothing for the movement I’m part of for me to be boiled down to the essence of “will fuck for cash. here’s how.”

If the rest of the world could also step back from media, ahem, whoredom for just a sec, we could all get something done for a change. Don’t think I’ll be much inclined to waste my time tuning-in to Live With Dan Abram’s Fucktard Producer news product now.

Maher On Spitzer Media


From Bill Maher writing for the Huffington Post:

I’m going to throw the remote through the TV if one more news twink says something on the order of “When we come back, we’ll look into what drives a successful man like Eliot Spitzer to risk it all…”

Oh yes, let’s convene a panel of experts for that. Let me help you: because he wants to get his nut off! Stop with all the analysis! It never ends, I hear all these people talking about how powerful people think they can get away with anything, so it’s a thrill, or that it’s for this psychological reason or this one — please, he wanted to CUM WITH SOMEONE! Stop overthinking this: people need sex, and married people generally aren’t getting it.

One must assume that the above statement doesn’t necessarily imply single people are getting it every which way to Sunday. Still, marriage remains truly the most over-rated institution, other than the Catholic Church, mankind ever dreamed-up. Just ask Mrs. Where’s My Goddamn Hermes Scarf For The Presser  Spitzer. Full post here.