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Election Night – Two For The Twitter Road



Two people you will want to add ‘n follow for Election Night on Twitter will be former Atlantans Tony Dornacher and Tim State… now living in Chicago. They have their tickets to the Grant Park Obama Rally in one hand, and their mobiles and cams in the other. Plus, they’re just funny guys with a great way with their 140 characters.

Tim is: @timstate and Tony is @tonydornacher. Their website Morgan Terrace is here. And of course, I’m @SpaceyG on Twitter. See in real-time what’s happening in Atlanta on Election Day by using Twitter search and the hashtags #atlvote and #votereport.

Have a great day out there everyone!!

Welcome to Mostly Media!


After spending just a little too much time over on, let’s just say another blog, it became clear that there was a need for a blog about southern media matters. Or heck, even a blog that focuses mostly on Atlanta news media. With some contemporary culture thrown in to liven-up the room.

If you’re as keenly interested in all-things-media as we are, and interested in opining about it all, then let me know if you would like to be a Mostly Media frontpager. And load-up your pictures and your video as well as your text. Let us know too if you’d like your blog included on the Mostly Media blogroll over to the right. (Atlanta blogs with a focus on media, culture, politics are given an automatic green light.)

The world is our oyster! As seen through our new news lenses.