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The Media Rich Candidate


Let’s get this established right now, since we live in a time of “Biblical” flooding (by petty judgments): I’m not all cynicism and vinegar. I really do tend to watch the world in terms of the media it, preferably organically, produces.

And that’s why South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley makes me look towards those blue media skies ahead. She’s the dream client for a media guide gal like me, as she rounds corner after corner towards her next political incarnation.

Haley, of the novel-worthy backstory, has a political future so bright you need sunglasses and a server farm to store it all in.

Gov. Nikki Haley of SC helps repair a flood-damaged home in the Columbia, SC area, 10-15-15. Photo borrowed from the Post and Courier.

Gov. Nikki Haley of SC helps repair a flood-damaged home in the Columbia, SC area, 10-15-15. Photo borrowed from the Post and Courier.

Here she is going about her latest piece of Most Pitiable State’s business. Governor Haley moves effortlessly from winning Volvo USA, crying (genuinely so) for victims of unspeakable crimes, to helping veterans clean-up after “historic” even “Biblical” flooding. And all the Haley-associated media is free, locally-sourced, 100% organic product.

Well, maybe there was a portion of strategic, long game planning associated with the above veteran’s home rebuild photo op. Whatever. It was a smart thing to do. Round-up the usual earned media suspects. Whir those shutters. Bang on those keyboards, people. Squirrel away the media harvest as it comes in.

Oh how I’d love to be along for the media-rich ride on Nikki’s next political adventure. Because that will indeed… print big.

Top 5 Ways To Fall Back In Love With The South


Ah, springtime in Crackerstan! As we recover from the flood of goober politicians and their moronic policies polluting our state legislatures, while ignoring the pending tsunami of awful political media designed to make Gomer Pyle’s chest swell, there really is no better place than the Deep South for springtime frolics. We’re prettier than the rest, so let’s get on with our fun, sun, and glory. Here are my suggestions to help remind the world of our beauty and our elegance. And yes, we do have a little bit left.

1.) The Spoleto USA Festival in Charleston, SC. May 23 – June 8. You’ve stumbled into as much Old Euro elegance, grace and glamour as you’re going to get within our mostly Moon Pie walls with this one. Gorgeous people, gorgeous events, beautiful city, beaches, fabulous weather created just to show-off your best sundresses and sandals, even with its notoriously haughty and dull Charlestonians. And heck, even those people are on their best behavior during Spoleto. Just go.


2.) The Carolina Cup. A steeplechase race. Camden, SC. March 29. This one’s just genuine Old South. The ponies and understated 100% cotton finery give it away. And where else can you see adorable little college students hurling their cookies into the grass whilst wearing their Sunday best? (Other than on every southern college campus, of course.) Forget the SC colleges mass-partying on the infield though, and take in the horses and the serious equestrian scene around the paddock area. Southerners do horse stuff almost as well as rich Saudis. (You’ll even spot a few of those there too, but they’ll be wearing their Aiken-inspired southernwear as camouflage, and their womenfolk won’t be all covered up.) If you want a true Garden and Gun culture-feel of the South, you’ll find it at the Carolina Cup. Drink when you see an aspic on a tailgate eaten by a startlingly handsome young buck in a seersucker suit. You will, if you can stay sober for just a minute or so. Some of the gents are so comely they could give even Ralph Lauren’s male model, Nacho, a run for his horse-people money. Besides, it’s no secret now, not since that Appalachian Trail business, that South Carolinians and Argentinians have been mingling for generations. It’s a polo thing. Don’t forget your Croakies, menfolk. Even if rain is predicted this year.


3.) Intown neighborhoods – Atlanta. Now until late May. If the traffic and the freeways and the Braves moving to bland, kinda ugly Cobb County have just worn you down, a calming Sunday afternoon drive through Atlanta’s oldest intown neighborhoods such as Ansley Park, Peachtree Battle, Brookwood Hills, even the more gaudy nouveau riche Buckhead enclaves like Blackland Road, will perk your spirits right up with their display of floral riches and lush, leafy tree canopies. Picture pretty lawns galore, and until some piece of shit ’95 Toyota Corolla wrapped together with Bungee cords and fishing line lunges into you, you can close your eyes and think you’re on the prettiest boulevard in France. Tom Wolfe describes it well in A Man In Full. Springtime as tonic.

4.) Lakes, rivers, and water-skiing. Anywhere South. Friends-with-boats are a good thing. Make some. Borrow some if you have to.

5.) The fields and valleys of Western North Carolina. Just go driving up there until you find them. You will. Take someone you’ve been hoping for with you, if you need to fall in love somewhere special. You will.

Is Facebook The Right Forum For Asking About Victims’ Names?


UPDATE: The victims of the Alaska plane crash have since been identified in an updated story in the Post and Courier. With attribution of the names given to The State newspaper.

This Facebook post from Charleston, S.C.’s Post and Courier newspaper is an interesting news-and-social-in-real-time case to keep an eye on. As the S.C. newspaper doesn’t yet know the names of the (presumed) South Carolinians who are victims of a plane crash in Alaska. Thus the paper asked for possible names (of victims) in a Facebook post.

Do you know anyone who might have been on this flight? Nine South Carolina residents were killed in a fiery crash at a small Alaska airport Sunday: http://bit.ly/12TpJw6. The pilot also died in the crash. There were no survivors. The plane caught on fire shortly after 11 a.m. Sunday at the airport in Soldotna, about 75 miles southwest of Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula. Initial reports indicate the plane crashed on takeoff.

Thus far, there are many “Likes” to a comment posted alongside the Post & Courier’s  Facebook request that to place names on Facebook before any family were notified would be “tasteless.”

If I put on my journalist’s hat I see Facebook as simply another tool of the (news-gathering) trade. I don’t see anything too reprehensible about asking for names of possible victims in a Facebook post.

Do you? (We don’t really know, yet, if family members of the victims have been contacted, or not, at this point. We must assume they have not as, according to the Post & Courier, the identification of all the crash victims could take some time.)

Dreams Orgs Have For The Future



Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding (CATR Farms) has a dream. This amazing organization dreams of having a covered riding ring for the kids they serve.

A covered riding ring is crucial in the volatile weather conditions of the South Carolina Lowcountry. And when disabled school children travel all the way to John’s Island to CATR Farms, from surrounding areas, for their lessons, lessons they are so excited and anticipatory about, and then it starts pouring rain and there’s no sheltered arena, their lessons must be canceled.

And the kids are sent home for the day… very disappointed needless to say.

Of course, covering for a riding ring is not some inexpensive item you can run off and buy from Home Depot. I wouldn’t venture a guess at how much they cost, but let’s just say it’s a lot more than CATR Farms currently has in their coffers.

Wednesday September 16, 2009, was a special fund raising day for the good folk at CATR Farms, which was founded in 1991 by (retired) professional riders/jockeys Meta Carter (my aunt) and Eileen McGuffie of Charleston, SC. A cousin, veterinarian Dr. Grayson Carter Hudgins, serves on the current CATR board too.

On Sept. 16, CATR Farms held a fund raising luncheon at the famous Mills House Hotel in Charleston. I couldn’t be there for that in person, but I made a little presentational video about one of the many unique programs at CATR Farms, interactive vaulting, they showed during the luncheon.

You can see that video here too:

Please think about making any kind of donation to CATR Farms in your financial planning for this year or next! Or sharing this on your Facebook Wall.

You’re going to love the way those kids will smile… all day long… under that covered riding arena!

CATR Farms is on Facebook here:

Wasted Multimedia Opportunity For S.C. Newspaper



Let’s put this one in the why-newspapers-are-dying cat: so the Rock Hill (South Carolina) Herald gets a line on a truly amazing story… that the white racist who beat John Lewis at a bus station back in 1961 was seeking John Lewis’ forgiveness for his (white racist dude’s) ugly past actions. Amazing, eh?! You better believe it is.

So the white man/former racist travels to Washington to visit with Lewis, to ask Lewis’ forgiveness in person.  (The pathetic creature didn’t even realize that the black man he’d beaten-up back in 1961 was a longtime, famous Congressman now. That’s how ignorant and small-minded the racist dude really was.)

So, back to my mostly media point here, and I do have a BIG one today. The white man is from Rock Hill, SC. His story makes its way to the Rock Hill Herald, the local newspaper. The newspaper sends a reporter, Andrew Dys, to Washington, DC with the white man to document him seeking Rep. Lewis’ forgiveness.

Great story, right? And you, if you were the Rock Hill Herald, pretty much have an exclusive, except for a pesky Good Morning America crew that weaseled their way into Congressman Lewis’ office too for this great story.

Thing is, the Rock Hill Herald shows-up to their story with a pen, paper… and a still camera. Considering that you can pick-up a video camera for about $100. at Wal-Mart on your way to any interview, wherever, that strikes me as just plain backwards – with no multimedia thinking whatsoever about the Rock Hill Herald’s website presence in this near-exclusive. And we wonder why newspapers are dying…

GMA was there in Lewis’ DC office with a camera crew. (See the Herald’s slide show.) But as of 2pm on Feb. 5, 2009, GMA has yet to broadcast their version of the story, presumably captured on some kinda video format.

Meanwhile, the Rock Hill Herald could have had their video version, whipped-up cheap, all over the Internet by now if they’d taped something. Anything! The lil ‘ole Herald could have had a serious exclusive by now.

I know for a fact CNN, for instance, would have loved to have acquired any videotape of the Washington encounter, had there been any to acquire. That way, CNN too could have beaten GMA to their own “exclusive” in the process.

Come to think about it, there’s really not much you can label “exclusive” nowadays… unless you neglect to bring along a video cam. So watch GMA Friday morning if you gotta have your “exclusive” modern moving images.

Scenes From My Hometown: Kershaw, South Carolina


A few scenes shot in my hometown of Kershaw, South Carolina on 1-19-08. Song used to set the appropriate mood is “Useless Desires” from the 2004 Patty Griffin LP, Impossible Dream.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Marxist Revealed


Dude who’s done these posters, including that most iconic image of this election year of Obama in the above style, is from Charleston, South Carolina. Who’d have thought?!

Georgia’s In Play


Very latest IA/PP poll says Georgia is a “toss-up” state. For the presidential and Senate races. Whatever happened to being a “swing” state? Or “battleground” state? Guess that was soooo last week.

10/24/08 – A new InsiderAdvantage / Poll Position survey shows Georgia is a toss-up state in both the U.S. Senate and presidential campaigns.

In the presidential race, Barack Obama has a slight edge over John McCain, although it is within the margin of error. In the U.S. Senate race, Saxby Chambliss has a 2-point edge over Jim Martin, although it, too, is within the margin of error.

The two polls were conducted last night, each with 615 registered, likely voters. The margin of errors for both is plus or minus 3.8 percentage points.

Full story/poll results here. Still, anyone holding their breath for the South to rise again on Nov. 4 had better look to the situation in South Carolina. There’s whisperin’ goin’ on though that’s fer sure. SC wants their Obama appearance bad.

Keeping Eyes On The Prize In SC


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Mental Health Care History and Treatment in the South


Dr. Dorothy Fowles Kendall of the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, a debutante-turned-psychiatrist from S.C. talks candidly about the history of treating mental illness in the South. And the impact of mental illness on homelessness, her area of expertise.

About 33 minutes into the discussion, the conversation turns to mental health issues as they related to veterans. Kendall notes that our history of warfare in the South offers an interesting and unique aspect to the area of post-traumatic stress disorders.

Dr. Kendall proceeds her discussion with SCETV’s Walter Edgar with the disclosure that she became interested in treating mental illness when an uncle of hers committed suicide when she was a child. That uncle of hers was one of my father’s best friends growing-up in S.C.

The podcast can be downloaded here for the next few days. It’s titled: Dr. Dorothy Fowles Kendall of South Carolina…

South Carolina – Please Try Secession. Again.


South Carolinians… whatcha gonna do with ’em?! Two prime examples moving along through the Internets are here and here. Someone put a fence around that place. And soon.

H/T to Grift for signage video.