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PR Firm Offering Social Media Expertise? Buyer Beware.


Public Relations is an entire industry built on spinning straw into gold, or burnishing the turds some say. So it’s little wonder that virtually every PR firm on the planet nowadays offers their clients “social media services.” Yet how many of ’em have half a clue as to what “social media” is all about if they are not even using social media tools themselves? From Silicon Valley Watcher:

One way to check out if a PR firm understands blogging, etc, is to see if they have a blog of their own. Many don’t, or if they do, they post very infrequently, and usually after meetings abut what they will blog about. Yet nearly every PR firm offers a new/social media practice to clients and claims that they understand this medium. This is BS imho.

To separate those that say they know all about blogging, but don’t do it, I’m going to take a regular look at PR firms and their blogs or lack of them. Also, I’ll be looking to see who blogs in those firms, are they junior or senior?

Full blog post, and interesting comments, here. And here’s a bullshit detector you can easily apply if you’re thinking of using PR services: a PR firm hawking social media services should have been, at the very least, blogging for at least two years before they even can begin to THINK about taking someone’s money for “social media services.” And make sure they’re Twittering like their profession depends on it too. At the very least. The least.