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See How The Local News Sausage Is Made


TV Guide network does reality TV by following the news-making process at a Savannah, Georgia TV station. What better place to find lunatic behavior without having to go to a mental health facility! From SavannahNow.com:

In a role reversal of sorts, WJCL/Fox 28 employees have the cameras turned on them for TV Guide network’s “Making News: Savannah Style,” a 13-episode docu-reality series about the backstage successes and failures of the local dual-news station.

Viewers will see how reporters, anchors and behind-the-scenes folks deal with everything it takes to put on multiple live daily broadcasts.

The show will premiere 8 p.m. Wednesday on the TV Guide channel.

All staff members appear on the show, but the featured characters — deemed The Magnificent Seven by TV Guide — are news director Michael Sullivan, Jason Davis (cops), Wendy McNew (former military/education reporter), Stephanie Simoni (current education reporter), Jennifer Beale (entertainment reporter), Frank Sulkowski (sports director) and Danielle Powell (former 6 p.m. broadcast producer).

Currently, WJCL is the lowest-rated ABC affiliate in the nation. It is linked to the local Fox affiliate, Fox 28, which is also a low-rated station. Read the rest of this entry