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Attorney Wilson Smith Interviews Saxby Chambliss


Attorney Wilson Smith, our fave trial lawyerin’ south Georgia podcaster, talks with Senator Saxby Chambliss in the days running up to the Martin/Chambliss Senate runoff on Dec. 2. Wilson seems baffled that Senator Chambliss has “no consistent philosophy of government.” But if Chambliss did, he’d then be saddled with the label of “leader” instead of par-for-the course “country club politician.” From the pre-podcast editorial:

What is amazing about Saxby (and many politicians, for that matter) is that he has no consistent philosophy of government that guides his votes. Hence, he makes fiscal conservatives angry when he votes in favor of Medicare Drug D, in favor of the farm bill and other such big expense items that garner votes from large constituencies. And yet, he will vote against healthcare for kids (SCHIP) because it is “big government.” I just don’t get it!

Full podcast, downloadable interview with Saxby is here.