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Royal Marshall RIP


Atlanta radio personality, comedian, father, husband, and friend to so many in this town and elsewhere, Royal Marshall, has died. To say it was unexpected and tragic seems inadequate.

It was unexpected, so very sudden. Last night. He just collapsed and died. He was only 43. And just kinda always out there…. whether on Facebook, or slapping around Boortz as the ubiquitous side man, or doing stand-up at the Punchline.

I had the great fortune to take Jeff Justice’s Level II Comedy Workshoppe with Royal. We all learned so much from watching him, hanging around him, sensing his style and unpretentious, super-smart ways. He was the person in the room everyone wanted to be around. That bright-light personality everyone wanted to bask in and be like.

Royal was just part of being an Atlantan. And now that inherent sense of place and person is gone. I miss him already. RIP Royal. The world needs so many more just like you.