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Foreign Reform School


What’s remarkable is not so much that the British tabloid press kept their big fat mouths shut about Prince Harry’s whereabouts for three whole months; rather it’s utterly astonishing that Harry stayed out of a bar for three whole months! There truly must be no watering holes in all of the ‘Gan (as oh-so-seasoned westerners who’ve been there call it) or Harry’d have found ’em all. From the NYTimes:

“This was a fantastic publicity coup for Buckingham Palace,” Mr. Horrie said.

Given the prince’s reputation, the wily British press had built a special condition into the deal: the embargo would apply only to the prince’s military role.

“If Prince Harry had managed to find a nightclub in Kabul, that news would have been acceptable to report,” Mr. Satchwell said.

Full story here. Sign-up Britney for her de-toxifying tour of duty next.