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What Would YOU Do If An O’Reilly Goon-Crew Showed-Up On YOUR Doorstep?


Since our beloved Pulitzer-winning Cynthia Tucker handled her brush with Fox News’ O’Reilly show goons in her ice-queen, super-cool mannner (of course she would) I’m left wondering what mere mortals would do if a FNC crew would be to show-up on our doorsteps with cameras and mics a’blazin’?

Given that my idea of the perfect media op/gift from the media goddess would be an O’Reilly crew on the doorstep, I think I’d fall immediately to the ground and go onto dramatic “labor,” yelling all the while about how “The Media” had knocked me up. Say it with me… “It’s The Media, The Media I tell ya!!”

Then I’d get-up and invite ’em all in for some sweet tea and pound cake, just like our mommas taught us to do when company comes a’callin’.

Please tell Mostly Media what you would do in the comments section.