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Interview with Help A Reporter Out’s Peter Shankman


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Twittering the Gaza War


From the blog, Social Times:

Days after sending aircraft out to strike Hamas militants in Gaza, the Israeli government is launching a curated channel on YouTube and multiple Twitter streams in order to participate better in the blogosphere. Yesterday, followers of “israelconsulate” on Twitter could view live coverage updates of a citizen press conference held in order to further disseminate information regarding Israel’s stance on the war. Another Twitter stream tracks where Qassam rockets are falling in Israel.

Full post here.

Social Media In Crisis PR – A Case Study


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Lame Atlanta


I quick round-up of Mostly Media’s interpretation of Atlanta’s most tedious, dullest, PR flak-generated, un-happening events and actions for the day:

Commercial Real Estate Executive Roundup. Hot, hot, hot. Not.

Really-Boring-Lisa-Borders-Who-Will-Never-Beat-Mary-Norwood-for-Mayor on the (about time) resignation of the City’s CFO.

Quincy Jones gums with an always-babbling Monica Kaufman Pearson Kaufman.

A TV-generated judge appears at the National Black Accountants Convention. Big yawn.

Ralph Reed wrote a book. Now he pimps it to the Press. Wake me when this hell is over.

The only people who hate greenspace are the heirs of meanie landowners who probably loathed their own kids and thus left their extremely valuable property to some dopey trust instead of their loathsome, greedy offspring.

And that’s your deadly-dull PR flak roundup!

Wielding Corporate Social Media


Hmmmm… looks like social media, sounds like social media. In the reality of social media though, this nice, but ultimately ineffectual corporate podcasting effort is still half-baked… unless it’s made SHAREABLE. Say it with me… SHAREABLE

From PR guru Dan Greenfield’s excellent blog, Bernaisesource:

Few were using RSS in their company’s newsroom site. Another claimed he was podcasting. Toby had to gently inform him that his audio recordings were not podcasts as there was no ability for listeners to subscribe or download them.

 Full post here.

The Death of PR. The Rise Of The Network.


The days of hiring a PR firm to print you up some super nice cards, letters and other dead-tree products, write-up a whimsical, mostly phoney press release about your event, launch or product… whatever it is you’ve got going on, and then having that PR firm’s interns send it out to “The Media” are over.

Gone, and likely forgotten before long. Having worked in newsrooms through the years, and being on the receiving-end of some lovely and creative media packets and timely press releases, I can’t tell you how quickly the trash cans fill up with all that lovely dead-tree stuff anyway. Pity really.

Rising from the ashes of the demise of traditional PR is something along the line of Net Party. I shot some video at last night’s monthly Atlanta Net Party (hope to post some here soon), met the founder, Jeff, and realized that not only was this a face-to-face networking event with hundreds of lovely, talented people packing the line to get in at Buckhead’s Tongue & Groove, it was a data-dive of a social media mashup. There was something in this event for Kaneva, Concept Hub, Brand Atlanta, and everyone who showed for the yummy free food and $5 martinis.

Of course I Twittered throughout the event, as did Amani Channel. And I woke-up to… not some gorgeous stranger, alas, but seven nine new Twitter followers in my InBox. That stream here:

Crazy person zooming around parking deck in a gorgeous vintage Mercedes. WTF?

Boy does the ATL singles scene sure beat a night of TV. These folk are impossibly gorgeous.  

DJ must be ready to assume duties. The disco ball is now on.   

@jimstroud tearing UP the dance floor! Well kinda.  

Hanging with Amani. Life is always ok that way.

oh for chrissake. Nice guy hands me his card. I try to read a/out my reading glasses. It’s was upside down!   

Anyone at Net Party wanna do shooters with a 40-something soccer mom? Like just one?

There are hundreds of people at @idealist Net Party shindig. A long way from our 7 ATL blogger meetups 3 yrs ago!

at Net Party at Tongue & Groove. Packed! Reminds me of 80’s Limelight meat market scene!

I’ll write-up more about this soon, about how this one event will morph into many exciting new ventures and adventures. Right now, I’ve got to go work on the video! One note about casting the Net Party promotions & sponsorship net even wider… If I owned a luxury car dealership, such as the one just down the street on Piedmont from Tongue & Groove (where last night’s social networking event was held), hint hint Mercedes of Buckhead, I’d have sent a least 2 comely reps. And parked one of my pretty toys right out front too.

One questions though… why in the world would anyone use the word “tongue” in their business enterprise? It’s really not a very attractive word. Feh.

UPDATE: Video of the NetParty event is above, or click here.

That’s Our Tom! On CNN Tonight



Atlanta’s main PR-man-about-town, Tom Houck, was featured on CNN in a video package available here, remembering his days with MLK, Jr. and the Civil Rights movement. Text story here.

Houck’s still out and about in the ATL, making all the right scenes and outpacing younger PR guns who seem cluelessly, ahem, somewhere else. In other words, in the fake, processed world most contemporary PR operates in, I wouldn’t look for any of them to get arrested at the front lines of fighting for something they believe in… as did Houck when he was the young gun. Unless of course it would get their client on GMA the next morning, but I diverge…

Tom will be live at 6pm tonight on CNN to take your email questions too.