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Atlanta Media Folk on Social Media



What do a few longtime Atlanta media folk have to say about social media? What blogs do they read? How social media savvy ARE they? And what about Twitter? Their answers may surprise you. This has been a WaySouth Media quickie production: waysouthmedia.com

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Things Are Pretty Quiet ‘Round There Now


Just in case you didn’t notice, the boys of Peach Pundit (and yeah, it’s all just boring boys now that I’ve de-camped for a McMansion of my own) have yet to post a thing about McCain’s Lobby-ette Eruption. Wasting time comparing Wii size instead. CGB (classic guy behavior), eh?

And to think… we do Lobby-ette Eruption like nobody’s business here in Georgia, as you well know if you’re a regular PP reader. Best get crackin’ boys. It’s almost high noon. (Man, are they gonna miss me or what. Like a tomb it is now there, yes ummmhummmm yes. Repeat last sentence in Yoda voice.)

CONTEST: Name the musical artist who penned the song line that the title here is stolen from. Win a surprise gift for first correct answer! Bonus stuff for naming the correct song too.