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Ladies Feeding The Internet Beast


Arianna heads into Drudge territory. From the NYObserver:

It took a while, and surely the brighter prospects on the left side of the aisle have changed things since Mr. Drudge was acting as the steam vent for a country fed up with the Clinton White House. But, nearly three years into its existence, Huffingtonpost.com is getting there, with unique visitors logging on at three times the rate they did just six months ago.

In the 30-day period ending Feb. 18, the Huffington Post has had roughly eight million unique visitors, up from the 2.7 million that were visiting the site as late as May 2007, and up from the 1.5 million that visited the site when it launched in January 2006, according to stats provided by its chairman, Ken Lerer.

This is like Mostly Media overtaking Peach Pundit! (Maybe next year kiddies.) As I always say about Internets stats, the only place they have to go is up. And at one point, Arianna too had just 100 uniques a day. Way back in 2005.