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Ladies Of The Nets




After a serious rant (see below) a good laugh is surely in order. This photo of Rush’s main squeeze Daryn Kagin showing Meredith Viera the juicy parts of Kagin’s book was taken at yesterday’s Atlanta Press Club luncheon for Ms. Viera.

Viera was wicked-funny and delightfully down to earth during her freewheelin’ chat-n-greet. If I wasn’t convinced that zoning in front of  The View causes brain cells to atrophy, I might actually tune-in to the thing.

Wave That Media Banner High. No, Higher.


Here we go again… the national media handing things to folk on that media-rich silver platter of theirs. First it was giving W the war he so desperately wanted, complete with a true zealot’s feverish delivery of red, white and blue graphics, soaring over-produced packages, “Mission Accomplished” signs  riding high on every TV channel from here to Mozambique, no tough questions asked… all the bells and whistles a real-true-genuine patriotic America could muster up at a moment’s notice.

Now the media returns to their tried and true ways by doing whatever they seemingly will NOT do – to anoint Obama the Dem nominee. Obama swept through the Potomac states like Washington crossing the Deleware, without so much as a whisper of a negative thought crossing the estatic minds of a barely neutral press. We only need turn on our TV at any hour of any given day to hear peels of I’ve never seen such excitement from the people about a political campaign!!!! flowing from every pundit’s and reporter’s facial orifice from here to Tripoli. If they start throwing stuff at his feet come Palm Sunday, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Seems somebody, more than a few, needs to take a deep breath and calm the hell down.

I’m not saying Obama’s not a good candidate. He very well may be a great one. And it doesn’t matter what you think about Hillary Clinton, one way or the other. The reality is that she’s been vetted in the mainstream media time and time and yet another time again – whether with the Rose Law Firm billing issue, marriage woes, hairdos, a few tears along the way, yet more marriage woes, manners, style, substance, Senatorial capability, bodies in parks, that wicked witch “sense of entitlement” (whatever the f that really is; some code for “I just don’t like her so there”), her personal and intimate college correspondence, philandering spouse, motherhood capability, corruption, theft, graft, greed, anger, water weight gain, lipstick color, and shoe size. Have I left anything out?

As for Obama, in the media, let’s see… he’s had to deal with some icky Internet spam. And oh yeah, that one loose-lipped Clinton campaigner. Maybe that HUGE moment where he turned his back inadvertently to a fellow Senator at SOU. Oh, the trying, exhausting burden of it all.

That Hillary Clinton, the Britney Spears of politics, can endure decades under the brutal and vicious klieg lights of public glare and scrutiny and NOT end up on a psyche ward in a Los Angeles hospital is a testament to her strength and endurance and perseverance, if nothing else. Kinda like those male Presidential qualitites we so anxiously seek in “our” candidate, eh?

Which makes me kinda wonder, how well do we really know Obama at this point? Not in any possible way like we know Senator Clinton. Every single one of us, despite our many and varied personal opinions, knows just how deeply hard Hillary has been tested, vetted, sliced and diced, poked, prodded, ridiculed, slapped around, beaten up, attacked, assaulted, chewed up and spit out in the media.

Who’s looking a lot like the cream puff now?