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Atlanta Woman Returns To Elisabeth Marchant



Atlanta magazine publishing mogul, Elisabeth Marchant, returns to print’s Atlanta Woman magazine, after Marchant’s long stint in the broadband video realm at Atlanta-based Multicast Media.

This will be an interesting move to watch, as we should be able to judge just how commmitted, or not, Atanta’s traditional print offerings will be to adapting to (or not) the online mileau in this broadband video-rich enviro.

While us indie v-loggers are surely the fiercest, most warrior-like of the video tribes, the Blackfeet of the Internets if you will, Multicast Media represents a tricked-out trading post kinda place to cut the best cash deals with the paleface…. as Multicast will relieve any Indian of his precious cash to “allow” a tribe to place their own video on their own website. We, the video-enabled live-free-or-die blogger types, know full well it’s all DIY… free too if you want it to be.

Biut I diverge… meanwhile, back at the print ranch, Marchant is clearly one of those “bold and dynamic” leaders Atlanta businesswomen are always clicking about in silly heels while busily organizing event stuff as a platform to write an old-school press release and fax it to “the media,” then give each other awards and publically declare each other, in some makes me wanna fidget power-suited, stuffy & formal & stagey, Oprah-wanna-be environment, yet another one of those “dynamic leaders” and “terrific giver-backer” types. 

What sets Marchant apart from Atlanta’s shoulder-padded, PR-mindful herd is that she actually is a dynamic leader with hardcore multimedia publishing chops to go with any glitter dusted on any award out there. In other words, Marchant has the capability to leave the pink corporate reservation any time she damn well feels like it.