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Update on MARTA’s Soulja Girl


According to the AJC, Soulja Gal is getting some much needed help in a group home situation. Let’s hope our taxpayer dollars work their magic, but seems the most help was from the shaming powers of viral video, an interesting phenomenon no traditional media outlet has yet to report on:

The woman whose tirade against an elderly MARTA train passenger was caught on video has been released from jail and is living in a personal care home for the mentally ill.

“We’re not dealing with a criminal here,” (Derek) Gage (DeKalb County DA) said. “We’re dealing with someone who’s mentally ill and doesn’t have the services available to her that she should have available to her because she is indigent.”

At the personal care home, Ziyad will be monitored to be sure she stays on her medication, her lawyer said.

“She’s doing very well. She’s obviously extremely embarrassed about the fact that this video was so widely seen by so many people. But I think it’s also kind of become a stimulus for her to take a little more responsibility in her life,” Gage said.

Full story here.

Mental Health Care History and Treatment in the South


Dr. Dorothy Fowles Kendall of the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, a debutante-turned-psychiatrist from S.C. talks candidly about the history of treating mental illness in the South. And the impact of mental illness on homelessness, her area of expertise.

About 33 minutes into the discussion, the conversation turns to mental health issues as they related to veterans. Kendall notes that our history of warfare in the South offers an interesting and unique aspect to the area of post-traumatic stress disorders.

Dr. Kendall proceeds her discussion with SCETV’s Walter Edgar with the disclosure that she became interested in treating mental illness when an uncle of hers committed suicide when she was a child. That uncle of hers was one of my father’s best friends growing-up in S.C.

The podcast can be downloaded here for the next few days. It’s titled: Dr. Dorothy Fowles Kendall of South Carolina…