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Georgia Gang and Georgia Political Misc.


Jeff Dickerson finally got a working pulse on Sunday’s Georgia Gang. Kicking ass with a righteous fury. All Dick Williams can do is parrot-loop something, anything, he heard on Fox News about Joe The Plumber, which is what currently passes for enlightened political discourse. Or babble about the Fair Tax, which no one seems to have the slightest clue about when it comes down to it. Alexis Scott was feisty and fired-up. Martha admits that the Georgia U.S. Senate race is “tight.” I gotta go get a life and bail on this Peach-flavored cluster-fuck.

In other matters… if Saxby and Martin end-up in a runoff, Jason Pye, Georgia’s most wired and fired Libertarian, and on the Bob Barr campaign payroll in some capacity, is threatening to throw his support to Martin. That’s just how fiscally hideous Saxby has been.