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Twittering Obama


I Twittered throughout Obama’s nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention last night from a very crowded Manuel’s. So did @jenbrock, @rustytanton, @amberlrhea, @francesk. @shelbinator streamed live on his cell. Some of that is here. Tweets read from last to first:

Heck. He was just getting warmed up. It’s over? Bummer.

Preach it Brother. Now’s the moment!

My Twitter finger is toast.

Obama’s gives good Happy Talk!

Osama bin Laden first. Clayton County school board next!

Big applause from all young people with no kids on parenting stuff.

Folks pounding tables now. Free money for all!

Oh boy. Here comes the Santa Claus part.

A lobbyist once rescued my kid when I accidentally locked her outta the house. One for Wal-Mart no less. I hugged a lobbyist then.

Where’s Doug Teper?

When are we gonna get around to the “stick it to the Repugs” part of all this?

Man, I had a serious portfolio and 401K and bennies all through the 90’s. Ain’t got jack now except a DSL connection and a mortgage.

I got laid off in ’03. Doh.

I whined when I got laid off in ’93. (Didn’t cry though!)

A nation of whiners, eh? I wouldn’t know anything about that.

On November 4th, I am soooo not coming to Manuel’s. Fire Dept. might though.

Bigger applause for “when major American city drowns.”

Big applause here on “failed policies of George W. Bush.”

Nice big round ‘o applause for vid. Even bigger for Barack. And that’s good for America. But what’s with the Irish walk out music?

Did Rielle Hunter shoot some of this stuff?

All these youthi-people watching in awe.

Huge Manuel crowd very quiet to hear this video. Obviously @scobleizer not the producer.

I hear Candy Crowley is a tighty righty.

America obviously needs to party more often together.

Jeezus H. It’s like General Election night in here!

Video from Shelby’s live stream. I’m in the pink, @BBC: http://qik.com/video/243131

It is now getting seriously crowded in Manuel’s. When is this thing gonna start?

Ok, seriously underage kiddies, as in 12 or 10, just walked in. GA law is gonna have a cow. There are smokers in here. Oh the sin.

Why are all these young people here at Manuel’s?

@APNews. David Duchovny could’ve gotten a fix with me before checking in to rehab. Pity.

How are the King kids supposed to get on stage together when they’re in the middle of suing the crap outta each other? Awkward indeed.

Well that was particularly uninspiring.

No one can hear from Barack until I get my Kyte.tv channel working again. So just keep ’em busy up there, Joe.

The Unity Express Departs Manuel’s Parking Lot For Denver – Like Real Soon!!!


Come wave the gang off on their journey to Denver for the Democratic National Convention. Sunday the 17th at 11am-12pm. TODAY!!!! Soon!!! More info here.