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Things Are Pretty Quiet ‘Round There Now


Just in case you didn’t notice, the boys of Peach Pundit (and yeah, it’s all just boring boys now that I’ve de-camped for a McMansion of my own) have yet to post a thing about McCain’s Lobby-ette Eruption. Wasting time comparing Wii size instead. CGB (classic guy behavior), eh?

And to think… we do Lobby-ette Eruption like nobody’s business here in Georgia, as you well know if you’re a regular PP reader. Best get crackin’ boys. It’s almost high noon. (Man, are they gonna miss me or what. Like a tomb it is now there, yes ummmhummmm yes. Repeat last sentence in Yoda voice.)

CONTEST: Name the musical artist who penned the song line that the title here is stolen from. Win a surprise gift for first correct answer! Bonus stuff for naming the correct song too.