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Smells Like Idiot MSM Show Booker Spirit


Audacia Ray tells some MSM show, politely, that she wouldn’t be on their stupid crappy show to talk about how to hire sex workers even if they paid her.

Honestly, I don’t know about the “payment” stuff; I made that up, but Ms. Ray does lay-out what went down on March 10th with her, hopefully brief, pre-interview (guest vetting process) with the never-heard-of-it  MSNBC show, Live With Dan Abrams.

It’s all on her blog, Waking Vixen the dubious tale of how someone from the whatever MSNBC show asked her during the pre-interview process, “Have you been a whore?”

MSNBC was only interested in having a woman who had been a prostitute talk about the mechanics of hiring a sex worker – a little salacious how-to on national television, gotta love it. They told me flat out that they weren’t interested in discussing the political interests of sex workers or the issues around sex trafficking as it is today. And while I am not ashamed that I was a sex worker, and I know sound bites are short and cannot be anywhere near as complicated as my shit it, I don’t want to be MSNBC’s whore on television. It does nothing for me personally and nothing for the movement I’m part of for me to be boiled down to the essence of “will fuck for cash. here’s how.”

If the rest of the world could also step back from media, ahem, whoredom for just a sec, we could all get something done for a change. Don’t think I’ll be much inclined to waste my time tuning-in to Live With Dan Abram’s Fucktard Producer news product now.