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More Evidence Karen Handel Is Channeling Her Inner Katherine Harris


From today’s AJC:

Monday’s wait times (to vote) of six to eight hours led state Democratic Party chairwoman Jane Kidd to call on Secretary of State Karen Handel to extend advance voting to this weekend and Monday. Kidd said it appeared Handel’s office was “unprepared” for the large turnout.

Handel said Georgia law includes no such mechanism that would allow her, or Gov. Sonny Perdue, to do it.

Handel also said she doesn’t think it’s necessary, and called Kidd’s letter emblematic of an “orchestrated effort of that political party across the country.”

Handel said more than 1.3 million Georgians have already cast ballots since early voting began last month. With the exception of Monday’s problems, “things have gone extremely well in Georgia. We have had no complaints with voter ID, no complaints with voting equipment,” Handel said.

Still, there were some problem polls on Tuesday.

Full cluster-fuck here.

Blog Your Boondoggle


Georgia’s Secretary of State, Karen Handel, is blogging her trip to China with Governor Sonny P. Go China! Beat Crush Tibet!