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The World Is Allergic To Ralph Reed


Poor Ralph Reed. Nobody appreciates him. He wrote a decent political thriller of a novel, but it’s not like The New Yorker was going to review it. Heck, I doubt even our local alt-weekly, Creative Loafing, bothered to review Reed’s novel, Dark Horse, as such a review might impact their SEO strategy for this comedic, graphic novel-style gem, The Book of Ralph, by Doug Monore… if Creative Loafing had a SEO strategy in the first place. But I diverge…

Now Reed’s just about the only Georgia Republican willing to raise money for McCain, yet no one wants him at that party either! From today’s AJC:

On Aug. 7, Reed wrote friends and supporters asking them to give to Monday’s fund-raiser. He praised McCain and said he had joined the “McCain Victory 2008” team in a message that was billed as a “special invitation from Ralph Reed.”

McCain Victory 2008 is a joint fund-raising venture of the McCain campaign, the RNC and various state Republican parties.

The first hint of controversy came Monday when Campaign Money Watch, a Washington group that monitors campaign finance, called on McCain to cancel the event.

“Senator McCain knows exactly how Ralph Reed helped Jack Abramoff defraud Indian tribes out of tens of millions of dollars,” Campaign Money Watch director David Donnelly said. “Senator McCain should spare himself any further embarrassment by canceling this event immediately.”

My thoughts on Reed and McCain and The Party, back in June of this year for The Huffington Post’s Off The Bus project, are here.

What’s a pretty, corruption scandal-tainted Evangie Boy gonna do when he so desperately wants to be an inside (R) party player that he’s willing to hang his hat on a Republican (McCain) “notoriously allergic to religion?” These is indeed hard economic and evangelical times.

Things Are Pretty Quiet ‘Round There Now


Just in case you didn’t notice, the boys of Peach Pundit (and yeah, it’s all just boring boys now that I’ve de-camped for a McMansion of my own) have yet to post a thing about McCain’s Lobby-ette Eruption. Wasting time comparing Wii size instead. CGB (classic guy behavior), eh?

And to think… we do Lobby-ette Eruption like nobody’s business here in Georgia, as you well know if you’re a regular PP reader. Best get crackin’ boys. It’s almost high noon. (Man, are they gonna miss me or what. Like a tomb it is now there, yes ummmhummmm yes. Repeat last sentence in Yoda voice.)

CONTEST: Name the musical artist who penned the song line that the title here is stolen from. Win a surprise gift for first correct answer! Bonus stuff for naming the correct song too.