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Jeff Foxworth Will Make You Cry


Of course we’re used to Foxworthy making us laugh our butts off. In the analog days of yore, when I’d get bored on my constant roadtripping back and forth between South Carolina and Atlanta, I’d pull over to any ‘ole gas station along I-20 and pop-in for yet another Jeff Foxworthy cassette. Then I’d just moreorless crack myself up for another hour or so. Before I knew it, there I’d be.

I still get stupid-laughing thinking about Foxworthy rambling on about his liquored-up dad pulling his ski-boat along the highway, despite the fact that the ski-boat fell off the trailer numerous exits ago.

Today, Jeff talks to the AJC about what being a dad, father, brother, son is all about – for him. Get a hankie. From the most excellent Phil Kloer:

Foxworthy has a home office, but he prefers to set his laptop on the breakfast bar. The couple’s daughters, 16-year-old Jordan and 13-year-old Juliane (“Jules”), sometimes do their homework at the kitchen table. And on a shelf is a little glass bottle full of tiny plastic beads a friend gave Jeff and Gregg six years ago.

“He said, ‘This is how many more weekends you have with your kids'” before college, Jeff explains. “One bead for every weekend.”

“We’re supposed to take a bead out every week,” says Gregg, his wife of 23 years. “But we just couldn’t bear to do it. It would hurt too much.”

The little bottle of beads is a lot of what Jeff Foxworthy, at age 49, is about these days. He frequently makes career decisions, including turning down feature film and stand-up offers, on the basis of how long and how far it will take him away from home.

“My life is centered around them,” he says. “I’m a dad and a husband and a brother and a son and a friend. I like what I do, but it’s not what I am.”

Full story here.