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Political Blogger Day Declared At Georgia State Capitol


Local Political Blogger Morphs


Jason Pye, a really good local Libertarian-ish blogger with a reputation as a straight shooter around the blogosphere and the Dome, is now cranking columns for The Covington News. Don’t tell Susanna Capelouto from Georgia Public Broadcasting though. She’ll demand to see Jason’s credentials!

Capelouto didn’t so much ask any questions during today’s Computation+Journalism Symposium at Tech as she opened her mouth and made herself look like a piece of clueless dead wood… when she whined to someone on a panel about why couldn’t someone, gosh darn it all, just regulate bloggers once and for all! I kid you not.

Capelouto went on to really bury herself, in front of this “open source” kinda audience, not to mention the seriously Blue Ribbon speakers, by pompously declaring to all who were keenly un-interested, that her, Susanna The Great’s, “ethics” would never permit her to quote (or link to presumably) a blogger. Oh the horror of it all.

To which I, of course, kinda blurted kinda muttered under my breath (I honestly couldn’t help myself), “She is full of shit.” Whereby the, unknown to me at the time, head of the Grady School of Journalism at UGA, sitting directly in front of me, turned around to see who’d have dared utter curse words, whereby we entered into a genial chat afterwards, although we both agreed that anyone, even Susanna Capelouto, could go down to the Gold Dome and ask, for instance, The Stash “why were his divorce papers sealed-up like that?”

Last time I checked, you don’t need prior approval from GPB or even the GBI to do such a thing. I think it’s like in the Constitution and stuff even.

As for other oddities, I really felt sorry for the AJC speaker, their “Director of Culture and Change,” (huh?) who was sent to cavort with such serious techno types today, as Julia was otherwise committed. I mean come on… trotting around the blogosphere (where I assume she simply must hang out if of course digital environments are truly as important to the AJC as they claim they are) while saddled with a title as oppressively awful as “Director of Culture and Change” at a MSM outlet is seriously just plain ‘ole most uncool. And bulky too. Reminds me of, say, a 70’s Stayfree Maxi-pad kinda title vs. a streamlined, totally organic tampon you can get at Whole Foods nowadays.

H/T to James on the Jason tidbit.