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Robert Scoble Talks With Developer of NBCOlympics.com


At some point in the interview, the NBC developer, who’s name I didn’t catch in the initial live pass of the stream, Eric Schmidt, mentions that they at NBC kinda never got around to the social media part of the Olympics viewing experience on the site. That “next time” they’d include “the community.”

It’s not clear if they just never had time to add social media elements due to deadline pressures, or if it was just some vague afterthought to the whole process! Was there even one woman working on this project, you gotta ask at that point? That’s just kinda f-ed up.

And too bad for NBCOlympics.com as there is plenty of community-building going on around the Games, especially on sites such as Twitter. (And I haven’t even looked anywhere else!)

Meaning… more ops to stray OFF the stunning, wow-able NBCOlympics.com plantation. Their loss, not ours. Communities will happen. Wherever.

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Internet News Broadcasting – What NOT To Do


Jarvis says whatever you do about online broadcasting, no matter what kind of news farm you are, just do NOT try to emulate the CF that is local TV news:

Let’s get this straight, people: Local TV news sucks. It is no model for what newspapers or anyone should do in video online. It’s cheesy. It’s unbearable. I’m delighted that local TV news priests don’t like what the Ledger did. That’s best indication of success I can imagine.

What Jarvis loves is this broadcast from The Star-Ledger (yes, a NEWSPAPER) in New Jersey. And it’s got Rosenblum written (and paid too) all over it. Go Star-Ledger go!