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Traffic Conditions In Atlanta Via Twitter


Follow atlantatraffic on Twitter for Atlanta traffic updates. Couldn’t we just add the Twitter updates to a GPS somehow and voila… the very best real-time app for Atlanta’s traffic nightmare we’ve all been searching for? (Can you do that now somehow? I don’t have a GPS device in the car. Just Google maps.)

Atlanta traffic incidents and conditions do have a Twitter hashtag and it’s: #atltraffic. I encourage much more use of it!

UPDATE: 9:30am – Right now “Atlanta” is a hot “trending” topic on Twitter. Go figure that. But I bet it has something to do with the saving graces of the Twitter hashtag #atlgas for this here town during our recent gas availability, or lack thereof, issues. People are STILL using that thang. Sanjay adds his thoughts to the ATL gas matter here. I also advise reading anything he has to say on the matter.