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How Bad IS Georgia Senator Chambliss’ Golf Addiction?


Why it’s so strong and deep even W made cracks about it! From The White House, June 20, 2003:

Remarks by the President at Bush-Cheney 2004 Reception
Ritz Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation
Greensboro, Georgia

6:33 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all very much. Thanks a lot for coming out tonight. So I’m walking up on the stage, and Saxby says, if you keep it short, we might be able to get a round of golf in. (Laughter.)

Full WH memo here. Presidents-on-the-links sure do help fill campaign treasure chests, eh? And sure sells those “plantation” lots too!

Let’s put this post in the Would Have Been A Good Plantation If They’d Had Dick Cheney To Shoot ‘Em Every Day catagory. Or the Tacky-Ass Developers one.