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Redistricting Georgia


Live Events for Georgia Sine Die


It’s the very last day of the Georgia General Assembly. Or Sine Die (*Without Day*) as it’s commonly referred to. Lots of live action online for you to follow along with. GPB’s Lawmakers, Georgia Public Broadcasting, provide live streams of the chambers. The House live cam/stream is here.

The best live blog for your participation (it takes in Tweets using the #GAsinedie and #GApol hashtags too) is here.

Also, there will be a 6pm rally at the Capitol today to protest HB87. The immigration bill that’s causing such a stink. It’s a gorgeous day out, and that rally will no doubt be very well attended.

Happy Sine Die! And a quickie video package I did for CBS-Atlanta for last year’s Sine Die is here.

Live Blog for GA General Assembly Crossover Day


Have at it here.

New Blog – Look Under The Gold Dome


NOTE: I’ve started a new blog for the 2011 Georgia General Assembly legislative session, so I’ll mostly be posting over there for the time being.  The blog is Look Under the Gold Dome. Please come visit!