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Scenes from Election Night in Atlanta, GA 200


I’d have shot more, but I got tired of schlepping gear around so I went home early.

UPDATE: Shelby Highsmith has THE winning moment from Manuel’s Tavern here.

Election Night – Two For The Twitter Road



Two people you will want to add ‘n follow for Election Night on Twitter will be former Atlantans Tony Dornacher and Tim State… now living in Chicago. They have their tickets to the Grant Park Obama Rally in one hand, and their mobiles and cams in the other. Plus, they’re just funny guys with a great way with their 140 characters.

Tim is: @timstate and Tony is @tonydornacher. Their website Morgan Terrace is here. And of course, I’m @SpaceyG on Twitter. See in real-time what’s happening in Atlanta on Election Day by using Twitter search and the hashtags #atlvote and #votereport.

Have a great day out there everyone!!

Social Media Poised To Rock The World On Election Night


Current.com (of Hack The Debate fame) has something really cool in the works for election night… with Twitter and Digg and Diplo. And of course – us. Afterall, we’re moreorless the rum in that punch! Video promo here.

And watch this blog to find out which old-school Atlanta politico-writer will be flying-out to Silicon Valley to offer “adult supervision” for this one historic night of good old-fashioned alignment of the political and social media planets!

HINT: It’s not under 30. Hell, it’s not even under 50! UPDATE: “It” was Tom Baxter of InsiderAdvantage’s Southern Political Report!