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Saxby Chambliss Says OMG! “The Other Folks Are Voting.”


Why the nerve of all those droves of African-American early voters in Georgia! (Funny, the 2hrs 21min I spent in line in downtown Atlanta looked remarkably diverse, but try telling that to someone who’s never left, say, their N. Georgia dirt farm. And I’m divergin’…)

Running scared due to a tight race that must have materialized while Peach State Republicans were distracted on the (Reynolds) plantation with tee times (see post below), Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss feels that with so many “other folk” out there casting ballots early, then presumably his folk (hint: the Cracker’cans of rural Georgia) will be more inclined to get out there on Nov. 4th.

It’s amazing how badly some “folk” do under pressure, eh? Making me wonder what Saxby’s handicap really must be.

From Politico:

The Republican (Chambliss) is outwardly confident, but there’s urgency in his voice as he tours North Georgia, trying to boost turnout in his predominately white base: “The other folks are voting,” he bluntly tells supporters.

Full mess here.

Junior, I think this here mule is dead. You done beat it too much. How we’z gonna get to the pollin’ place now?

Early Voting In Georgia


From Amani Channel for HDNews: