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What’s (Not) Happening Out There In Denver?


Polls aren’t bumping that’s for sure. But could it all “turn on a dime” tonight when Obama gives it the rock start treatment from the stadium? A huge mistake, that stadium staging thing if you ask me, which of course no one did, but it will surely help fuel the visual fire for a flood of hideously negative ads from the Repugs. Talk about lying in wait. And I’m mixing more metaphors than I do martinis, so I’m gonna stop this post now!

I keep thinking Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers… with adults filling the role of thousands of screaming tweens. Towery has some observations:

The fact is that the Democrats on Monday night didn’t offer to America a coherent message that was palatable and digestible.

Nor did they on Tuesday, which only left the country wondering: Why did Obama pick another northeastern liberal male as his running mate when he could have chosen Hillary Clinton? She absolutely blew the convention hall away with a speech that had power and — surprise! — a discussion of meaty issues.

Now Obama has “a third running mate,” whether he wants her or not. Sen. Clinton has more charisma and substance in her little finger than Biden has in his entire body.

Now we know why the Obama team decided to move their candidate’s nomination acceptance speech to a giant stadium filled with tens of thousands of screaming fans. Having to follow Hillary and Bill Clinton in the same venue in which they appeared might lead to apple-to-apple comparisons that could leave Obama’s fruit looking bruised.

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Send Chris Wallace Out In The Streets Of Denver Next!


I had to create a special new category for this one: You Reap What You Sow.

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The Unity Express Departs Manuel’s Parking Lot For Denver – Like Real Soon!!!


Come wave the gang off on their journey to Denver for the Democratic National Convention. Sunday the 17th at 11am-12pm. TODAY!!!! Soon!!! More info here.