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The Smallest Detail Will Tell Your Story


After consuming ludicrously large, possibly unhealthy, amounts of post-Democratic National Convention-Obama-acceptance-speech spin, lipflap, analysis, blog posts, whipping posts, live streams, generic coverage, video, columns, old media, new media, medium media, HDTV, jerks and twitches, post-morts, Twits, Tweets, Monday morning quarterbacking, bickering and rapturizing from every possible media source on the planet except maybe Al Jazeera, I finally tossed-in the towel and looked homeward, Spacey. Where I found Tom Baxter, writing for Southern Political Report, with your moment-in-time from last night’s stadium stands over Denver:

After every national convention I’ve ever been to (16, if you count one Libertarian convention in Atlanta and Ross Perot’s 2000 convention in Long Beach) the streets outside the hall have been littered with discarded signs and placards. Here there were practically none. The Democrats left clutching whatever souvenirs they had, as if they wanted to hold to the memory of this night forever.

Full article here.

Twittering Obama


I Twittered throughout Obama’s nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention last night from a very crowded Manuel’s. So did @jenbrock, @rustytanton, @amberlrhea, @francesk. @shelbinator streamed live on his cell. Some of that is here. Tweets read from last to first:

Heck. He was just getting warmed up. It’s over? Bummer.

Preach it Brother. Now’s the moment!

My Twitter finger is toast.

Obama’s gives good Happy Talk!

Osama bin Laden first. Clayton County school board next!

Big applause from all young people with no kids on parenting stuff.

Folks pounding tables now. Free money for all!

Oh boy. Here comes the Santa Claus part.

A lobbyist once rescued my kid when I accidentally locked her outta the house. One for Wal-Mart no less. I hugged a lobbyist then.

Where’s Doug Teper?

When are we gonna get around to the “stick it to the Repugs” part of all this?

Man, I had a serious portfolio and 401K and bennies all through the 90’s. Ain’t got jack now except a DSL connection and a mortgage.

I got laid off in ’03. Doh.

I whined when I got laid off in ’93. (Didn’t cry though!)

A nation of whiners, eh? I wouldn’t know anything about that.

On November 4th, I am soooo not coming to Manuel’s. Fire Dept. might though.

Bigger applause for “when major American city drowns.”

Big applause here on “failed policies of George W. Bush.”

Nice big round ‘o applause for vid. Even bigger for Barack. And that’s good for America. But what’s with the Irish walk out music?

Did Rielle Hunter shoot some of this stuff?

All these youthi-people watching in awe.

Huge Manuel crowd very quiet to hear this video. Obviously @scobleizer not the producer.

I hear Candy Crowley is a tighty righty.

America obviously needs to party more often together.

Jeezus H. It’s like General Election night in here!

Video from Shelby’s live stream. I’m in the pink, @BBC: http://qik.com/video/243131

It is now getting seriously crowded in Manuel’s. When is this thing gonna start?

Ok, seriously underage kiddies, as in 12 or 10, just walked in. GA law is gonna have a cow. There are smokers in here. Oh the sin.

Why are all these young people here at Manuel’s?

@APNews. David Duchovny could’ve gotten a fix with me before checking in to rehab. Pity.

How are the King kids supposed to get on stage together when they’re in the middle of suing the crap outta each other? Awkward indeed.

Well that was particularly uninspiring.

No one can hear from Barack until I get my Kyte.tv channel working again. So just keep ’em busy up there, Joe.

Destroying Entire Industries Is Hard Work!


Craig Newmark (yes, the list dude) takes a moment off his tootsies to get a massage at the HuffPo’s Oasis lounge at the Democratic National Convention today. Blogging and hanging with the Power Dems and destroying newspapers singlehandedly is a TON of hard work. Take a load off, Craig. You’ve earned it!

What’s (Not) Happening Out There In Denver?


Polls aren’t bumping that’s for sure. But could it all “turn on a dime” tonight when Obama gives it the rock start treatment from the stadium? A huge mistake, that stadium staging thing if you ask me, which of course no one did, but it will surely help fuel the visual fire for a flood of hideously negative ads from the Repugs. Talk about lying in wait. And I’m mixing more metaphors than I do martinis, so I’m gonna stop this post now!

I keep thinking Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers… with adults filling the role of thousands of screaming tweens. Towery has some observations:

The fact is that the Democrats on Monday night didn’t offer to America a coherent message that was palatable and digestible.

Nor did they on Tuesday, which only left the country wondering: Why did Obama pick another northeastern liberal male as his running mate when he could have chosen Hillary Clinton? She absolutely blew the convention hall away with a speech that had power and — surprise! — a discussion of meaty issues.

Now Obama has “a third running mate,” whether he wants her or not. Sen. Clinton has more charisma and substance in her little finger than Biden has in his entire body.

Now we know why the Obama team decided to move their candidate’s nomination acceptance speech to a giant stadium filled with tens of thousands of screaming fans. Having to follow Hillary and Bill Clinton in the same venue in which they appeared might lead to apple-to-apple comparisons that could leave Obama’s fruit looking bruised.

Full article here.

Rednecks for Obama


Gotta love it, although I must ask… is it really a redneck if it’s from Missouri?

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Missing John-John


Watching the Democratic National Convention last night did nothing for me except make me miss John Kennedy Jr. He should have been there. It’s his legacy after all. And he should have married me and not that bleached-hair woman, but I diverge…

Lots of should haves, would haves and but fors… all lost to a flicker of circumstance. Sigh. I’ll go back to regularly scheduled programming tonight no doubt. Dems are even duller on Big TV than in real life.

As for media coverage, AC was neutered by too many really boring people on the set babbling away. And way too much Wolf Blitzer. The passive-aggressive attacks and retreats, from outright hostility to odd guilt-ridden patronization, between Juan Williams and Brit Hume on Fox News made for more interesting and uncomfortable viewing.

Fortunately for us media insatiables, we can escape the confines of the utterly predictable political media Pepsi palace and roam the streets of Denver for excellent street protests via numerous Internet sources. Whew.

Send Chris Wallace Out In The Streets Of Denver Next!


I had to create a special new category for this one: You Reap What You Sow.

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Neal Boortz – Winner of The Debbie Downer Award For Excellence In Broadcasting Whine.


Wanna know JUST how lost in space Cox Media Plantation really is? They spend good money to send a whiny brat, spoiled-rotten, ungrateful Neal Boortz out to Denver to bring his listening audience completely down with his complaining and humorless whining and bitching and griping about having to be there!

Only Boortz could go to an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime event such as the DNC in 2008 and make everyone around him miserable because he had to actually show-up and blow. Why on earth is Boortz there in the first place?

Hell, I could take Elmo and Cheerios and a nap away from an already-fussy 2-year old, stick the kid into a cart at the grocery store, push it around each aisle slowly for an hour or so, refuse to buy it (the 2-year old) some candy and still have tons more more fun than I would listening to Boortz do the Democratic National Convention.

Cox suits – I understand it’s hard for you to get your tight butts around this concept, but I hear there are a few other media choices out there nowadays for political convention coverage. And I’m gonna go find me one right about now. I can’t take another minute of your “flagship” radio station gripe-fest. (And if I was an advertiser, with my pricey ad running today, I’d be Elizabeth Edwards-level “furious” too.)


Direct from Denver – Atlanta and Georgia Folk At The DNC


I’ll add more as I find ’em, but here are blogs where Atlanta/Georgia delegates and their peeps out in Denver at the Democratic National Convention will be posting updates, Tweets, video, streams… all the new media bells and whistles in other words.

The Unity Express

Emily Goes To Denver

Blog For Democracy

Blog Talk Radio LIVE 6pm

Georgia Women Vote

Franklin Delano Williams

Tondee’s Tavern

Please drop MM’s SpaceyG a DM Tweet or a message if you know of other sites where Georgians will be giving us their (not MSM) news and views directly from the convention and, more importantly, from surrounding parties and sights. And be sure to show some linky love to these folk by subscribing, commenting, and checking in with ’em throughout the week.

The Unity Express Departs Atlanta


A herd of Atlanta Clinton delegates headed out of town Sunday August 17 via the Manuel’s parking lot in their rental RV. Destination = Denver, CO for the Democratic National Convention which begins August 25, in case you’ve been living in a cell and not heard that yet.

Fox5/WAGA’s Deidra Dukes has the video story here. (WaySouth Media cameras were there too; however, they got lost on the way home and have yet to report back to the newsroom. Maybe by Friday we’re hoping.) Also in media-attendance was Georgia’s MTV Street Team reporter, Shelby Highsmith.

You can keep up with the road-trippers all the while en route to Denver at their blog where they’ll be Twittering, BrightKite mapping, blogging, and streaming live vid: http://hillaryrapidexpress.com.

The Unity Express Departs Manuel’s Parking Lot For Denver – Like Real Soon!!!


Come wave the gang off on their journey to Denver for the Democratic National Convention. Sunday the 17th at 11am-12pm. TODAY!!!! Soon!!! More info here.